Life is hard...but you don't have to do it alone. We are here to overcome life obstacles, weaknesses, fears, and live a life of intentional TOGETHER! I want to challenge your thought process, encourage your growth, and empower your purpose so you can step out and live life beyond your comfort zone.

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Beauty Expert

Dorothy has worked as a professional makeup artist for over 15 years. As a veteran in the industry she is the owner of YourMakeup Expert, a perennial go-to for national celebrities in the Houston area. Her extensive experience with hair, makeup, and wardrobe consulting along with her no nonsense style makes her easy and fun to learn from. Whether it’s the basics of makeup 101 or the advanced technical knowledge needed for the ever changing film and television industry, she’s your expert.

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Worst Cooks

In 2012 Dorothy went from behind the camera to in front of it by making her television debut on The Food Network’s hit show “Worst Cooks in America”. She never imagined her “name to fame” would come from her weakest area and biggest failures….cooking! However, during this fun, yet challenging experience, she came back having learned much more then just good knife skills. She learned some great life lessons that loves to share … Worst Cooks Style!

My Cause

Dorothy is the founder and president of Beauty Will Rise, and organization that fights human trafficking. Beauty Will Rise is an organization that funds and helps with the transition of rescued trafficked victims into the next phase of their life. We also believe that knowledge is key to abolishing this epidemic. Dorothy educates the general public, police and medical professionals and youth about human trafficking in hopes that the information received will help prevent future victims and spark a change.

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What a modern day miracle of resurrection looks like

There is nothing like a full scale physical, mental, and spiritual breakdown to bring you a new perspective. Since my post "When Church Covenant's don't cut it" so much has changed. My slow recovery was hit with a spiritual Mac truck dose of God antibiotic called...
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When you wish…

Our pastor has been doing a series on John 15 and I had a friend casually make a comment (in the middle of church service by the way) about how rich it was, so I added it to my reminder list to read. This morning I was awoken around 2:45 am, with that on my heart. So...
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Growing Grace- Resting into Fullness

The past year of my life has looked nothing like I had in mind, in the best way possible! Last Summer I was finishing up my dual credit college courses, in hope to find some direction for my next semester. Yet, what I heard I didn’t believe was the Lord. “You need to...
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When church covenants don’t cut it

I had laid in bed sobbing uncontrollably, to the point I was barely able to stifle back the sound or even breathe. I had wrestled all night with the thoughts of quitting....EVERYTHING. I would not just instantly make an emotionally decision. No, it would be...
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When there is nothing left but…now what?

This season has been the hardest yet. It seems that I have lost so much, made so many mistakes, hurt so much, and am looking at what appears to be not much left at all. You don't realize what it takes to walk this faith road until you are stopped in your tracks. If...
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The Pretty Phenomenon

Being a makeup artist in the beauty industry I hear and see how much attention is given to outer physical beauty. Being in ministry, I hear a lot about the same but from a completely different side and perspective. So, I'm here as a beauty expert to give my weigh-in...
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Glory in the Tent

There was a challenge put before me earlier this week to dig into 1Samual 17:54 by a visiting evangelist John Skipworth, who is a co-pastor at The Assembly of West Monroe. Let me just say...amazing preacher....amazing word! You can hear the full sermon on this...
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When you have screwed up royally!

Have you ever had those days that you found yourself on the rollercoaster ride of great heights and deep lows…experiencing every emotion you think you have all within.. oh let’s say 48 hours? 24 hrs? 12hrs? During times like these I feel like I have...
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Ordinary Faithfulness

As I sit here on my couch and finishing my coffee I look straight ahead at the mound of dishes in my sink, I am grasping for the motivation to get up and do the simple things I know I should. Can I just tell you, I hate housework! I REALLY DO! It is a discipline I am...
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Life…Worst Cooks Style

The power of 3 is revealed. We ARE life producers. We ARE protectors. We ARE supporters. That right there is so huge you could read 100 books on each subject! But let's be real, I need it simple. I need it simplified so that I can become the woman I was created to be....
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You No Breathe….You No Live

I don't know about you, but sometimes I just need to take a deep breathe and stop for a moment. It's amazing what slowing down and breathing in will do for you. It will relax you a bit, feed your body and mind with some much needed oxygen, and revitalize your...
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Defying the gravity of life…with support

It's funny, when I think of support I think of a great bra. Must be the industry I am in. A great bra can make all the difference in the world on how you carry yourself and how things look. It can also help prevent back pain, bad posture, and the appearance of gravity...
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Have you ever just needed a reminder of who you are? What you are made of? I mean, life is hard and can snow-blind you with craziness at times. Ok maybe that's just me. I am finding myself needing to go back to the basics and remind myself exactly what lies in me....
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Are you walking or riding?

 "All you can do now is pray." I have heard this statement so many times. Heck, I have SAID this statement so many time! When we say that, it's usually means we have NOTHING else we can do. We are powerless. So, as a last ditch effort we will do what is left, pray....
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Are you fighting WITH someone or FOR someone?

Have you ever had those days that you spent the entire day fighting with someone you love? Discussing issues and decision, sharing feelings and disappointments, and just flat out being afraid of the choices they are making?! I have. I actually did just recently and...
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