Glory in the Tent

Glory in the Tent

There was a challenge put before me earlier this week to dig into 1Samual 17:54 by a visiting evangelist John Skipworth, who is a co-pastor at The Assembly of West Monroe. Let me just say…amazing preacher….amazing word! You can hear the full sermon on this scripture here. 

1 Samual 17:54 David took the Philistine’s head and brought it to Jerusalem; he put the Philistine’s weapons in his own tent. Another version says … he put his armor in his own tent.

Can I just say…the depth that Pastor Skipworth went into on David taking the head and bringing it into Jerusalem was amazing. SO much to learn and take away. However, the backend of that scripture has just stuck with me like 15lb steak! I don’t know much about ancient warfare, much less why they did what they did, so I did some googling.

Here are my lingering questions…

WHY would David take Goliath’s armor?

WHY would he put them in his tent?

WHY did David take his armor? Stripping the enemy of his armor has to do with the way Greek soliders gained “glory” or “renown” (these are English translations that probably don’t do the initial concept justice). The Greek term was “kleos,” and in order to get this glory on the battlefield, you not only had to accomplish certain things, but you had to make sure that others saw you do so. Glory in private didn’t really count; the point was to make people talk about you.
If you killed your enemy on the battlefield, maybe people saw it or maybe they didn’t, but if you took their armor, no one could say that you weren’t an accomplished warrior.    Stripping the arms and armor of the vanquished was a physical sign of the presence of kleos, or glory.(Source site)

David took Goliath’s armor…let’s stop here and make a point. Goliath name itself means “Splendor”. He was considered THE brilliant, majestic, spectacular, display of glory for the Philistines. So this means, when David KILLED the PRIDE that wanted to enslave God’s people HE not only brought freedom, but he stripped Pride of it’s glory!(soak that one in for a second)

WHY did he put them(the armor) in his tent? I am sure it goes so much deeper then I am going to take it, but here is what I see. His tent was his intimate place with God. There are several scripture references where David (after he is king) brings the ark of the covenant into his tent and offered burnt offerings.

I believe this was David’s offering to God.

ALL of the GLORY!

You see the head of the giant was to show the people of the land the enemy was defeated! The armor was to show the glory of WHO did it. David knew WHO did it and it wasn’t him, he was merely the stone thrower. David brought the armor(the glory) before God(in his secret place) and gave him ALL the Glory ..all the honor… and all the splendor. David didn’t need to be recognized because David recognized the ONE who gives the only recognition that counts!  His focus was on giving God the glory. David’s public recognition would only be a reflection of what he gave to God in private.

As a prayer warrior, WHEN (not IF) God delivers the giant into your hands and you show he is no longer in charge. I ask you….WHERE will you put the Glory? Are you getting the glory on the battlefield for everyone to see? Do you believe that glory in private doesn’t really counts? Are you needing people to talk about it? Our flesh wants this so bad….recognition and honor in defeating the giant. However, we really did nothing, but throw the stone.

We must kill the pride of giants and sacrifice the glory in private. Glory shown to us in public is only a reflection of the glory we give to God in private. 

When you have screwed up royally!

When you have screwed up royally!

EmotionalRollercoaster-300x127Have you ever had those days that you found yourself on the rollercoaster ride of great heights and deep lows…experiencing every emotion you think you have all within.. oh let’s say 48 hours? 24 hrs? 12hrs? During times like these I feel like I have suffered from emotional and spiritual whiplash. OH boy, today I’m definitely feeling the soreness from it! This weekend brought on trying challenges to say the least and boy did I screw up ROYALLY! Several times in fact! ugh! why can’t life just be easy?  Because easy changes nothing…including me. 

This weekend I had the sweetest moments with friends, in bible study conversations, and in His presence. I also had ugly words fall from my lips in raw anger and frustration. How can I live this life striving to be Christ like and still fall into things that I should have already grown out of? How can I fail, stumble, and sin while still pursuing Him? Well, because I’m human and still flawed. I am still flawed. but I am still trying

<img class="size-medium wp-image-1209 alignleft" src="×250.jpg" alt="guilt11" width="300" height="250" srcset="×250.jpg 300w,×640.jpg 768w,×853.jpg 1024w,×508 le viagra est il en vente libre en pharmacie.jpg 610w,×900.jpg 1080w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />This morning the guilt of all of my failure and unholiness that “won” this weekend began to come at me, showing me how truly un Christ like I acted. The words that were ugly, the anger (even though justified) was released in a way that was not. The sin that I allowed to have a presence in my life reminding me how far I have come but showing me even more how far I have to go. My mind said repent …repent…REPENT! but my heart already had. Guilt wanted to stay but the heart wanted to worship. Amazing how the remembrance of sin, the unholiness of our humanity hold no candle to the worship of our Father. When we worship the attacks against your mind, your soul, and your spirit have no choice but to stop and come under submission to the holy one.

If I allowed myself to wallow in my weakness I would never continue to run this race that HE has set before me. In my weakness HE makes me strong (because I cling to Him). In my sin, He covers me with grace (because I ask Him) , and in my unholiness I am made whole through His holy spirit (because He loves me). Don’t allow the rollercoasters of life and the whiplashing of your emotional flesh keep you from the worship and redemptive spirit of God. If you have screwed up royally…then repent and worship royally!

Ordinary Faithfulness

Ordinary Faithfulness

As I sit here on my couch and finishing my coffee I look straight ahead at the mound of dishes in my sink, I am grasping for the motivation to get up and do the simple things I know I should. Can I just tell you, I hate housework! I REALLY DO! It is a discipline I am embracing. I tend to have no issue with motivation for the things that I deem important or major. I can muster up the energy to plan an event, meet with someone to encourage them, or pray because those things I enjoy. However, housework, ESPECIALLY dishes….not so much! As a matter of fact I loathe them. My husband usually does them for me because he knows this and it is his way of showing me love. I guess for some reason he didn’t really love me much the evening before! Kidding!

I sit here looking at the obvious and knowing it needs to be done, yet unwilling to move….UNTIL. I see the picture IMG_0626that I had intentionally placed above my sink that states. ORDINARY FAITHFULNESS IS THE STUFF OF MIRACLES. Faithfulness is a choice and when you are choosing faithfulness it is usually surrounded by things you do NOT want to do. Most people don’t want the ordinary things, they want the miracle. However, when you realize that faithfulness to the ordinary are the things that miracles are made of, it can change your perspective. With that inspiration in front of my face LITERALLY I washed my dishes. It was one of the sweetest times I have had doing a chore I hate. Here is story of ordinary faithfulness and it producing the miraculous.

There was mom whose day started before the break of dawn. She was up early and did the same chores she did every morning everyday. She made breakfast, home made bread, and prepared the food that her husband had brought home the night before. This particular morning was hard, the new baby had cried a little more then usual, and she was dragging, lacking the energy and desire to even care if anyone ate but she still knew she had work to do. After her morning routine of cooking breakfast, cleaning up, making lunches and getting everyone up for the day, she kissed her husband goodbye for his long day of labor. Her son of 10 came and ask if he could go to the next town where there was a large gathering and party being held. “EVERYONE was going!” he begged. She talked to her neighbors and found comfort in the invitation that he could go with them and they would watch over him. She didn’t want to tell I’m no and deny him this fun experience but the long night with the baby exhausted her. She knew he would be safe with them and to be honest welcomed the quiet that would come. So, she packed his lunch for the long day and and kissed him on the head saying, “Have a good time, be kind, and behave.”

The day passed on and the darkness came. Her son came home, different then he left. His countenance had
changed and there was a light in him that wasn’t there before. She couldn’t even ask about his uncontrollable excitement before he began to unfold his day. What seemed like nothing at that beginning of the day had turned into much more then anyone could have imagined. Her son told her how it was getting late and the crowds there hungry. How the “men in charge” were wanting to send everyone away, but the “boss” said “No, feed them.” They said it would cost to much. Then the men saw my lunch…the one you packed for me and asked if they could use it. I remembered what you said. Be kind. So I nodded yes and gave it to them. AND you WON’T BELIEVE what happened next!

5 loavesAs the boy finished his story, her unbelief was diminished as the neighbors confirmed what seemed like a childhood exageration. The mom wiped her tears of joy away, hugged him through his excitement, and told him how proud she was of his generosity.

As hard, as ordinary, and as uneventful as her day was she knew she had a part in the making of a miracle. The food that she had made for the little one that she loved, out of simple faithfulness that morning, was the miracle that her son experienced and delivered to many. The bread she had made that morning through her sleepy eyes and with her tired hands not only supplied his needs but the needs of thousands. Her ordinary labor of love was what the miracle came from. How many time have we not seen our ordinary faithfulness in the miracles all around us because we were not the ones there to experience. Yet, we still had a hand in it. Don’t discount ordinary faithfulness, for it is the stuff of miracles. Now I know this story is not found just like this in the Bible, but you never know what could have been. Regardless of the details, someone had to make the bread, catch the fish, and pack the lunch.

If you would like an inspirational reminder check our Elise’s prints. They each have a story as to WHY it was made as it was and serves to remind us that we are not alone in this walk. .Thank you Elise for inspiring me.

Life…Worst Cooks Style

Life…Worst Cooks Style

keep it simpleThe power of 3 is revealed. We ARE life producers. We ARE protectors. We ARE supporters. That right there is so huge you could read 100 books on each subject! But let’s be real, I need it simple. I need it simplified so that I can become the woman I was created to be. You can’t run before you walk, and you can’t walk before you crawl. So this is crawling… making sure we have the VITAL and simple basics down before we walk and run.

423883_279842955415534_1525705634_nAs most of you know I was on the TV show called “Worst Cooks in America” (season 3 for any interested in watching it). I didn’t know why God had opened this door but I knew He had, so I was determined to walk through it. It hands down was one the hardest yet most beneficial things I have ever done. I learned so much! What I discovered about myself and my cooking was…I had never learned the basics! I had never learned the fundamentals of cooking in the kitchen which made everything a big ole’ mess!…thus I gave up on cooking all together. I truly went in as a worst cook…and really I was ok with it. I was comfortable in my failure and had resigned to my limitations, but He was not. God was going to show me how He would take my greatest failures and weaknesses and turn them into one of my strongest for His Glory. 

Through life I tried to be the “perfect wife”, ‘great mom”, and “godly woman”. I failed over and over miserably at all three. Over and over again, it just made me give up. I was a pretty good mom, an ok wife, and not so good godly woman. After worst cooks and learning how important the basics in life are…I began to apply the crawling basics I found in the Bible about how to be the woman He created me to be. If I learned anything from that show it’s that you can’t skip the fundamentals! You MUST know and practice the basics. I have practiced what I have learned from the show and even developed it into becoming a pretty good cook. I’m by no means a “TOP CHEF” but I can hold my own. And my family will testify that the food is MUCH better and they now theylove it when I cook.

Our l life is that way, We have to first learn how to protect, support, and produce the things we want and value in our life. If we want to become a Proverbs 31 kind of woman…these are the fundamental basics we must start with. Once you learn to crawl you can then walk. Walking out these fundamentals becomes the groundwork for running the race as a Proverbs 31 women. 

You No Breathe….You No Live

You No Breathe….You No Live

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just need to take a deep breathe and stop for a moment. It’s amazing what slowing down and breathing in will do for you. It will relax you a bit, feed your body and mind with some much needed oxygen, and revitalize your thoughts. Your breath carries your life. You no no live (yes I know if it’s horrible grammar but I like it.)

mouth2You are made to breathe…you are made to bring life forth in others. We all know that genetically women are made to carry life and produce babies. WHAT IF that’s not the ONLY way you have the ability to bring life forth? What if every word you said produced life? What if every time to spoke to someone those words came alive and into action? Would you be giving them life or taking it away? 

One gift we have as women is to be life producers. We can physically, emotionally, and spiritually reproduce. We physically know how it works but do we know how to emotionally and spiritually? We can say we don’t believe it can happen, but what happens to a woman when she denies she’s pregnant?? Does that make the baby NOT exist? Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, the outcome and result will still be evident in time. We will reproduce emotionally and spiritually to those around us, it is up to us WHAT we reproduce.

eggEmotional life is our emotional health. Most of us have been emotionally sick and not even known it. We have carried around hurt, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, and depression that can make us emotionally chronically suppressed. That is what we will pass on in life if we don’t choose another way. You have the ability and choice to heal and become emotionally healthy. When we choose to do that, THEN we reproduce healthy emotional living to those around you. You can’t produce what you don’t have. If you have the egg(emotions) and no sperm(healing) then you can produce nothing. When healing meets our emotions, a healthy life is produced! If our emotions meet another “sperm” aka depression, anger or fear, then something totally different and dysfunctional result is produced. What will you choose to reproduce in you?

The emotional life inside of you will fertilize with whatever you allow it meet with, and that will be what is reproduced in and through your life.