10 things I love about you…#9

10 things I love about you…#9

9. You have influence

influence defYou see most of of don’t think what do or don’t do influences anyone or anything. Whether they speak or not, it doesn’t matter because no one listens to me! OH! Contrare Mi Chica!

If you will remember in Gen 2. Eve turned to Adam and handed him the fruit to eat, and he did. She DID something that caused him to act in such a way, maybe not a good way, but in a way…<strong>that is influence.

We were made to have influence with our husbands and the decisions that he makes, in how he feels, in how he perceives himself and in his successes. We influence our children, in how they feel, perceive themselves, and how they feel about situations and others. We also , carry weight with each other(women).

influenceMost women simply want to feel accepted when normally all they get is rejection from other women…who are looking for acceptance…….who have also been rejected …. pharmacie internet viagra.so they reject other women…….because they were hurt when they were looking for acceptance….see the vicious cycle here?

You carry influence with every action you do, with every word you speak, to every person you encounter, whether you want to or not.

THIS is one thing I love about YOU and ME! We have the potential power to influence EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! So, please allow the Holy Spirit to influence your influence on others! with care!


10 things I love about you… #10

10 things I love about you… #10

10.You Carry Weight

NO! I don’t mean in your butt or thighs! Don’t forget I am a woman, I know what you were thinking! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that God made us, made you, made me to be able to carry so much. See he made Eve(women) to help Adam, but seriously have you ever looked up the word helpmate? It’s everything you do everything plus….open ended.

money-mom-multitask-300x219Now please hear me, I am not saying we have do EVERYTHING as a matter of fact it’s not our role to so everything! However, we do have the ability to multi juggle and mult-multi-multi task. We were made that way and that is a great thing! We can laugh and cry at the same time! We can talk on the phone, feed a baby and all the while plan dinner!

We  the ability to carry the burdens of our loved ones, meet the needs of others, and still carry on and function in daily life. You may feel like you are carrying the weight of the world, your family, and your life all at the same time to the point you can’t move forward or function…and maybe you are. So, let me help a sista out so you can keep moving forward!

Matt. 11:30 yoke easyYou see, a yoke was made for work animals. Do you feel like an animal being worked to death ?!? Yeah, me to, some days! Here the Father is telling us to rest through our work and let Him pull all the weight! Trade all the things that YOU have loaded yourself up with, life has loaded you down with, and the world has strapped you down with and trade it for HIS plans and ideas! See He will carry you through life and desires to. Some things we were meant to carry and juggle, many really, but some we have chosen to carry because we don’t trust anyone else to do it. It’s the whole; If I don’t do it, it won’t get done mindset. That’s great when your viewing laundry, but not so great at life as a whole.

going nowhereYou weren’t made to carry the world, you were made to worship HIM and let Him carry you through this world and all that comes with it. You were made to help lift the burdens with others, off others, not place them on yourself and carry them alone. So, I love that you and I can handle so much!! Let’s just make sure what we are handling isn’t handling us!

10 things I love about you…

10 things I love about you…

I was at a leadership meeting tonight when all of a sudden out of NO WHERE, it hit me, I like women! Now don’t get weird on me, I’m not coming out of the closet or anything, I just remembered that for so many years I didn’t! I didn’t like them, I sure didn’t love them, and I didn’t really want anything to do with them. Yet now I did?!

I have experienced so much hurt in life from women (like most I am sure), and I know I have undoubtedly done the same to them, therefore, making it a merry go round of the hurt hurting the hurt. It kind of took me by surprise that I was welling up in tears during this non emotional business meeting, and I wasn’t even quite sure why?! I did finally realize that I have somehow turned into this woman I hardly recognize! A woman liking, friend making, hug loving person! NOT that it is bad just a personal epiphany. Seriously, If any of you have known me for any prior length of time you heard me say on more then one occasion, I don’t like women, Also for me to tell you I loved you was a MAJOR fete. And a hug? Forget it! You have 2.5sec then it’s awkward! But as I sat there, the thought of the woman I have been, the woman I was, and now where I am heading just seemed to overwhelm me. I realized that right now, at that moment I loved women and wanted to see the same healing in them that I received. Know the same joy, peace, love, and kindness I have known.

So, to honor ALL those ladies out there young and old I want to share with you the 10 things I love about you! Seriously! I know it’s kinda cheesy but hey I’ve never been in the normal boat so it’s ok.