Spiritual Warfare…a stones throw away…

Spiritual Warfare…a stones throw away…

Bare with me through this first part…I promise you it will help you see things in a differently light in the end. I woke up this morning with Matthew 5:25 swirling in my head, the location that is, not the scripture(I had to look it up).“Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still together on the way, or your adversary may hand you over to the judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison.

I thought Ok Lord what are you trying to show me, knowing that He had already told me to address some things and bring peace and unity to situations in my family. Then I began to do my morning reading in Mark chapt 4&5. I read where he delivered the demon possessed man from a legion of demons and into swine. I remember highlighting Mark 5:10….the demons asked to NOT be sent out of the territory. I thought ….ok? why?

Then a friend sent over the link to share….yes, ALL of this starting this morning mind you…she didn’t know what I was hearing or reading this morning. If you get a chance listen to it…it will bless you.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uqXLbhX6g8U Also, I only got through the first 30 min. before I stopped to write this.

So, what do all these “random” things have to do with one another? Matthew 5:25, Mark 5: 10, and TD Jakes video? First off NOTHING is “random”. When the Father is trying to lead and guide you into a certain direction, you have to perk up and listen to ALL He is bringing your way.

I have for a day or so felt the need to apologize to a person that, to be honest, I have NO desire to apologize to. I did not feel as though I did anything wrong. However, the scriptures right before Matthew 5:25, verses 23&24 says…matt 5-23

It doesn’t say if I have a grievance or if I did anything “wrong” but IF THEY have something against me that I am to go to them and reconcile! THEM not me… The holy spirit has been showing me that even though I did the best I could at the time..that it may have still hurt the person. I know it did. The entire situation was painful for all involved. Even though my intentions and actions were prayerful and I was trying, I still could have possibly handled the situation better. I see now looking back, how this is true. What I couldn’t see in the midst of it all, He is showing me now.

My question to the Father was why apologize? I did the best at the time that I knew to do? I prayed about things and handled well(or so I thought). It was a tricky and complex situation…I was upright and honest before God and man! I didn’t viciously or intentionally hurt them. However, the family has felt the consequences of the entire situation… there has been division and discord since then. It may or may not have been avoidable, I do not know. But I do know that I had a part to play in what is now…a lack of peace, division, and mistrust. So, how do I remedy that? I how to I regain the territory in my family of peace, unity, and faith in one another?

eph 6-12I attack not a person that i feel may be causing the “issues” (whether that be me or someone else). I wage war in the spirit…I can talk ALL day long about who did what, who was right, who was wrong. Who played what role and reason it ALL out; dividing the pie of guilt and responsibility up among all those involved. We would all have a piece or two but still the fact remains…we have allowed the enemy to creep in. I allowed him to creep in. He has been able to kill relationships, steal our peace, and attempt to destroy my family. So, what am I going to do about it? Call a family meeting? No. Call a counselor? No. Now I’m not saying those aren’t needed at times and that we should bypass them, but FIRST i’m going to war in the spiritual places to regain my territory. My family, our peace, and bring unity to a divided situation.

How? Start slinging oil..rebuking things and wail in tongues? Uh NO! The Holy Spirit has much more efficient and effective ways of doing things.

I’m going to start slinging rocks. When David went after Goliath to defeat the giant and gain victory…he didn’t do hand to hand combat. He didn’t sling oil, he slung rocks! Sounds crazy…but we all know the story…it worked. Quickly and efficiently. So, here is my question…What stones are you going to throw at the giant in your life to regain your ground? David strategically CHOSE his rocks! They weren’t random…they were smooth, refined, intentionally picked rocks to be used for a purpose! To defeat the enemy.rocks

So today I am going to strategically aiming and releasing peace into a situation. I am throwing in faith, believing that the Holy spirit will lead these weapons of warfare to land directly where they need to land to defeat the enemy. I am CHOOSING to allow LOVE to override my pride. I am doing intentional spiritual warfare, with one word, one stone, and one action at a time. Strategically set up and implemented to dismantel the enemy and regain the territory he stole. For I wrestle against no man, and no weapon formed against me will stand. For Love covers all. Now I ask again….what stones are you going to throw, to regain the territory the enemy has stolen?

When you want to withdraw into yourself…

When you want to withdraw into yourself…

isolation1I remember a time when I was withdrawn and separated from people, including those closest to me. I literally was unapproachable. I was hurt, had been hurt, and had NO intentions of getting hurt again! If you can’t get to me you can’t hurt me, right? OH if that were only the truth. It’s a great theory but it is also a lie.

You see, by withdrawing we are choosing to relish in the hurt and pain already inflicted. We are allowing the wound to remain open and if we are lucky it won’t fester into an infected emotional case of gangrene. However more often then not, it does fester and we do lose parts of our heart, minds and souls because we isolated ourselves from healing.

Since my M.O. was to withdraw from people, church, and even God at difficult times I had to find a way…a truth..that would help keep me connected and push through. In my reading time this morning I found just that…prov 18-1

It was interesting because as I studied the origin Greek and Hebrew meaning to the key words in this scripture, a new insight came about.

Isolates- (parad) here translates to break through, separate, be separated

….pretty much what we all thought huh

Seeks-(baqas) To search out by any method, specifically in worship or prayer. To strive after, desire, request, desire, demand. 

Desire-(ta awa)-to wish for, longing of ones heart, lust

WHOA! Hold the boat there! In essence this is saying, that those of us who choose to be separated, who break ourselves apart from God, from his body(church), and others strive, desire, and demand what our heart is longing for…our lusts. So, hear me…if your heart is hurt and broken and you separate yourself from the others and from God because of that, you are in essence seeking after the hurt that is there. You are feeding the pain with isolation which in turn will create an infection. 

Anytime you pull apart, pull away from someone or something that has hurt you or scares you,  you are requesting that it become your focus and desire. You may not realize that this is what your view of isolation for protection is doing, but it is. IN doing this, the next part of the verse solidifies that translation.

…..He breaks out against all sound judgement. When most of us see the word judgement we see it as a bad thing. If you really look into the true definition of judgement, it is so much more than that. In the context and definition of this verse I found it was nothing I thought it was.

Judgement(tushiyah) meaning to substantiate, support, direct help, sound wisdom, abiding success, 

So, if you so choose to withdraw and isolate yourself when hurt comes…and it will I promise, it’s a part of living….then you can pretty much know that you have separated yourself… hidden yourself away from… direct help and success in overcoming your circumstances. 

help a sisterI don’ know about you but Lord knows I need ALL THE HELP I can get! For real! Help a sister out here!

So what’s the lie here? That being around people will hurt us? or that isolating ourselves from them will protect us?


When life happens, hurt happens, fear creeps in, we have to be rooted in a place we can find direct help for successfully overcoming those hindrances.

The enemy would like nothing more than to hinder your abiding success in life. Self isolation is a direct tool he uses to do this. It’s not a new tactic for him just an effective one. However, by exposing his plans and his lies we can overcome…

So plug in, stay in relation with God, the word, and others to see how your wounds can heal, heart is lifted and how sound wisdom starts to flourish in your life!

Reality Check!

Reality Check!

Today as I was reading in Proverbs this passage, actually this word jumped out at me. So, I decided to dig a little.

Proverbs 14:14 The backslider at heart will be filled with the fruits of his ways, and a good man will be filled with the fruits of his ways.

This appears to be fairly basic, any of us that love the Lord would say, “There is no way I am backsliding!”, I mean I did. When we read the word backslider, we automatically think of someone that is out in out doing wrong. That is completely turned away form God and is just flat our rebelling. We have this “good image” in our head of what it should look like. However, this says backsliding of the heart…and THAT made me question…what does that exactly mean? So, I began to look up the words underlined in Hebrew (Hebrew words are in parenthasis below) and it gave an entirely new outlook on this scripture and truly made me do a heart check.

Backslider(sug)– To flinch, to go back, retreat, turn or draw back, repulse, move away, prove unfaithful cowardly or disloyal to

Heart(Leb)– form of the heart, feelings, will and intellect; inner man, moral of character

Filled(Saba)– Satified, have excess of, glut

Ways(Derek)– Road, course of life mode..of action, direction, journey, moral character manner, and habit

Good(Tob)– from the root to or make good, pleasing, be joyful, beneficial, pleasant, happy, delightful, well with, and good for. Agreeable, happy, prosperous

So, this verse according to the Hebrew definition would read:

The ones who draw back, moves away from, flinches, or has proven to be unfaithful, disloyal, or cowardly in their feeling, mind, or will; in their moral character will be satisfied or show excess with the fruit of his course in life, his journey, direction; with his actions, moral character and habits. A man who is striving to be pleasing, joyful, and pleasant; to be beneficial, delightful, good for, agreeable and prosperous will be satisfied and and show the excess with the fruit of his ways.

Ok so the questions is, what does our actions show? Being filled shows the excess of what our heart has in it. Am I withdrawing from moving towards things that are beneficial? Am I flinching or proving to be a coward at being pleasing, pleasant, happy, or agreeable? Am I turning back from being joyful this season or delighting myself in the things of the Lord? Am I being unfaithful in the things in my feeling?my thoughts? or my will and actions? You see, backsliding is moving backwards from where you have already come. Moving away from growth and prosperity. It’s allowing your mind, will and emotions to go back to the old habits it knew and not moving forward towards the good things. WOW! Maybe parts of my heart are backsliden!  

In this Christmas season we can get so busy and go on autopilot. Stress is high, money is low, and life is a swirling mass of business and chaos at times. This is the highest time of the year for depressions, frustration and anger to come out. We are bombarded with all the things we “should do”, “want to do”, and “can’t do”. In the midst of all this hustle and bustle and stress what does your heart fill up with? What are you filling your heart up with? Because this will show in your attitude and actions? Talk about a reality check!


Lord, forgive me! Let my heart, my inner man, my moral character, my feelings, mind, and actions move towards you! Don’t let me go back to who I was, what I was, or how I spoke before. Let me move forward into being pleasing, beneficial, and prosperous to your kingdom. Let my heart be joyful, happy, and agreeable in all things. Keep my mind delighted in you and your ways all the time. Lord, in all I do, in all I am, let me continuously move forward in and make these things a priority. Don’t allow me to be a coward at working towards these good things but to become faithful and loyal in doing good! Thank you for your grace, mercy and forgiveness. Strengthen me and keep my road and life course always moving towards you. In jesus name, Amen.

31 Days to Legacy…. Day 13

31 Days to Legacy…. Day 13

pregI crumbled to the ground, all my weight leaned against the car as I slid down. “I don’t want to kill my baby.” I sobbed. My heart was so torn, so heavy, so broken. Everyone that I loved — that I thought loved me — was asking me to do the unthinkable: have an abortion. Even at the young age of 18 I knew it was wrong. That snuffing a life from this world because it was “inconvenient” on my life plans or was “a mistake” by most peoples thoughts was not what I felt was right. Even just weeks pregnant I already loved this forming child, this gift.

The father of my unborn child wasn’t ready for children(but neither was I, really). My mother who was the largest influence in my life wanted me to have an abortion also. I was so confused! How could a godly, upright woman not only condone this but push for it? After that breakdown moment, I went to hide. ppMy mother had set an appointment up for me to merely go talk to the people at the abortion clinic(although it’s called a politically correct name that would allude you to believe it was helping you plan for parenthood). In my room, I wept uncontrollably and cried out to God. In my heart I knew I didn’t want to do this, but if my mom thought it was ok maybe I was wrong?! I opened my Bible seeking answers. I did’t really read the Bible. I knew scriptures from learning them as a child but I didn’t ever open it on my own except in circumstances like this. I went to the concordance and looked up the word bastard. Because let’s be real, that’s what a child without a father was called in our world.

deutDeuteronomy 23:2 showed up…2 A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD.  I wept even more. What had I done!?! I guess my mom was right, so I’ll go talk to the people tomorrow. My heart still torn, still grieving at the loss I had not yet had. I knew God loved me and this child… but if this what what His Word said then… well I don’t know. Confused, distraught, and crying to God for solutions to my life that I had so royally messed up, I fell into a short nights sleep before going to the abortion clinic the next day.

I will pause here to tell you a few life lessons I learned here, that I have held onto throughout my life. One, no matter what sins we have committed or are living in… He still sees us, loves us, and protects us. Two, you cannot depend on someone else’s thoughts on a situation to make a decision for you, no matter HOW much they love you or you love them. Regardless of their spirituality or church-going, you must take it to God and allow Him to lead you.

Thirdly and most importantly, read the Bible for yourself, please. You see, the scripture above was manipulated by the enemy to fool me, and it did. Because I didn’t know the Word, satan was able to use the Word to try and destroy me and my child. I had heard the word through church(not this verse mind you). I had heard the preaching of the word from others. And in this case, I opened the Word to find an answer, but I did not study the Word, read it regularly on my own, or apply it to my life. The enemy has used the tactic of twisting God’s words since Eve. It’s nothing new. Satan attempted to use it with Jesus in the desert at His time of temptation(Matt. 4:1-11). So why do we think he won’t warp it to confuse and deceive us now? Are we so prideful that we think we are smarter then Eve? or beyond the temptations that Jesus faced? read meSo before I go on this legacy journey, this life lesson has formed in me the importance of knowing and understanding God’s word in it’s entirety le viagra achat. Now I don’t claim to understand it all, know it all, or “get” it all. What I am saying is, I actively read it, search it, apply it, and use the standards in it to help mold me into the person God has called me to be. By doing this, there is a truth that is released in His Word that combats the manipulation and deceit that satan may try to bring from the scriptures to confuse. So, don’t be ignorant. Educated yourself in the Word so that when Satan tries this age old tactic you can recognize it and combat it with the Truth from Gods word.

Do you see YOU in this post?

Do you see YOU in this post?

I am wondering, read the description below and tell me, who does it sound like to you?

A person who:

*Are middle class and of the workforce or a businessman

*Reject worldly or social culture

*They are popular with most of society and people and seek people to recruit for their religious standards and beliefs

*They spend most of their time in or at the church and speak the word and letter of the law.

*Also concerned with keeping the truth and purity of thier religious beliefs

pharisee1When I first read this description, I though OMG!! That’s the church and any really devoted Christian or church member! That’s me! Seriously! Most of us are hard working middle class people. We all for the most part social and interact with others. We believe Christ is the answer to all, so we are always recruiting others to believe. We stand apart from the “worldy” beliefs and culture and try to keep our beliefs upright and biblically based! and I don’t know about you but sometime I feel like I live at the church house! So, I bet now your wondering….what’s your point?

pharisee2The description above is the description that was given through my theological study on the PHARISEES. You know the ones Christ reprimanded and put in their place. The ones who snarled their nose down at others who weren’t as “righteous” as them. The one who wanted to kill Him! This hit so close to home for me. So WHAT makes me different than the Pharisee? what makes the difference between a devoted Christ follower and the Pharisees? None of the attribute above are bad, so what made the Pharisees an issue with Christ?

Two things: The Pharisees separated themselves from the general public and felt like they were “better” because they prided themselves in what they were doing. Anytime pride steps in, it separats you from God.

phariseeSecondly: They were teaching the letter of the law instead of the principles of it. That you must follow commandments 1-10 plus the other 603 laws! Really?@ 613 of them?! Instead of WHY God made the laws. The principles of what Gad was trying to do and protect us from. You see you will automatically be more inclined to follow guidelines and rules if you understand why they were created and the heart of the person who created it.

pharisee4So essence, what made a Pharisee a Pharisee was the lack of relationship, with people and God. They separated themselves from people who didn’t live like they did and only wanted to be around you if you were trying to be as “good” as they were. Also, the lack of relationship with the word. They merely followed rules and regulation and disregarded the heart of God for a relationship with His people.

So, now I ask you….do you see YOU in this post? I do. I see me doing all the above and MAKING SURE I do the last two things so that will be a Christ follower and not a Pharisee. Never forget, Christ values relationship over law.


What’s up with “the blood”?

What’s up with “the blood”?

obloodI grew up in church and we always sang hymns about “the blood”. There were some basics I knew, that were drilled into me by church theology. Don’t get me wrong, they were things that I needed to know and I am glad that I was exposed to it at such a young age or so much talk of blood may have creeped me out a bit.

As I was reading in Hebrews today, I had a new revelation of what the blood actually did. You see I knew the blood was shed so that I could be saved, it covered my sins. I knew the blood was shed for my healing, by His stripes we were healed. However let me share with you what I DIDN’T know, that made the shedding of Jesus’s blood so much more precious and vital to me.

188683_Tabernacle_2Untitled-11 copyI am going to spare you by not posting an entire chapter of scripture into this, but please take the time to check out Hebrews 9 (message version). This chapter tells of how under the OLD COVENANT forginess of sin and how coming into the presence of God was laid out. There is an outer court, the inner court, a tent, then a holy of holies, bread to eat, a sacrifice to make, ect..

However This scripture right here, changed things for me!

16-17 Like a will that takes effect when someone dies, the new covenant was put into action at Jesus’ death. His death marked the transition from the old plan to the new one, canceling the old obligations and accompanying sins, and summoning the heirs to receive the eternal inheritance that was promised them. He brought together God and his people in this new way.

18-22 Even the first plan required a death to set it in motion. After Moses had read out all the terms of the plan of the law—God’s “will”—he took the blood of sacrificed animals and, in a solemn ritual, sprinkled the document and the people who were its beneficiaries. And then he attested its validity with the words, “This is the blood of the covenant commanded by God.” He did the same thing with the place of worship and its furniture. Moses said to the people, “This is the blood of the covenant God has established with you.” Practically everything in a will hinges on a death. That’s why blood, the evidence of death, is used so much in our tradition, especially regarding forgiveness of sins.

We as modern day Christians tend to take the presence of God and His Holy Spirit for granted. Under the old law I would have never had access to HIM. EVER! First I am not Jewish and that alone would have disqualified me. Second, I am female. There were not female high priests that were allowed in the Holy of Holy’s. Lastly, Well I am not (by blood) of the priest bloodline. I mean come on! That’s 3 strikes! NO WAY IN! The only access “normal people” had to God was THROUGH someone else. Through a prophet or priest. Sins forgiven through a sacrifice made for them.

When Christ came and made that sacrifice for me, He SHATTERED all those “prerequisites” that kept me out. HIS BLOOD legally enforced and established the privilege of having access to God and His presence. You really don’t realize the the privileges you have until they are taken away! Think about it, all those awesome worship services, encounters with God, where the Holy Spirit moves and ministers to you….gone. and not gone because you are choosing not to be there or your to busy and it’s not a priority. GONE because you don’t have access to it, it’s not available to “your kind”. WOW!

All of the things I learned in church about the blood is great. But if I had “to do” something to have my sins washed away, i would(but I’m glad I don’t). If I healing was never an option I had, it would be ok (but I’m glad it is!). BUT to NEVER get to experience His presence?!? That my friend would be unfathomable! I could handle the other stuff as long as I had Him. I am so thankful for ALL that comes with the blood, especially His presence.

So, I urge you. If you haven’t taken the time to be in your Father’s presence, if you have taken it for granted, or just not really absorbed the depth of the privilege it truly is, DO SO. Thank Him for it and don’t take it for granted another moment!

I thank you Lord for your blood that established a new covenant with me, for me. Allowing me access to you TODAY, this moment. Never let me take for granted the honor of being in your presence, or the grace of your blood that covers my sins and allows me access to the Father! Thank you for no longer dividing me from your presence but allowing it to infiltrate my heart and entire life! Thank you for being the final sacrifice and allowing your blood to once and for all SEAL THE DEAL!