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Life is hard… but you don’t have to do it alone.We are here to overcome obstacles in life, strengthen our weaknesses, face our fears, and live a life of intentionality together! I want to challenge your thought process, encourage your growth, and empower your purpose so you can step out and live life beyond your comfort zone


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Hi there, I’m Dorothy

Dorothy and Jimmie - DorothyStrouhal.com

aka “Pinky” … I am an open book, no-frills-but-way-glam, straight-forward kind of girl! I try not to beat around the bush too much. It just confuses me!

I have had a lifelong passion for hair and makeup and the creativity that comes with it. This God-given passion fueled me to open my own studio, Your Makeup Expert, in 2005. However, before my career as a professional makeup artist, I was a wife and stay-at-home mother to three awesome children. They are now all grown up and don’t tell them, but I’m kind of looking forward to the grandma years!

I have been married to the same awesome man for over 28 years! WOO-HOO! I wish I could say it has always been a fairytale, but there were days it was a nightmare and other days a fantasy. We have grown up together, endured together, and fought for the wonderful relationship we now have.

I love empowering ladies to be their own kind of beautiful. I would love to be at your next event to share some wisdom, love, life, and beauty.










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My friend or foe? Religion

You know some say that religion is tough task master, a hard teacher, or an unfulfilling agenda maker. To those people I say, I can see why you would run far far away from it! lol But that has not...

What do you do when time flies?

Back in March you might remember hearing the words, “If we do this now, we’ll be fine by the end of April” and then “once we get through the summer everything will get better....” and then “If we...

Perfection vs. Process

SubscribeI made a post on IG about this awesome little Adrien Arpel dress. It was a cute dress and I thought, “Let’s do a little marketing!” Boy, did I get a response! A great one! From so many...

Remnants of Beauty – Roots – PT. 2

After a few weeks of In my last blog post I talked about the damage a storm can do, and how we can walk away with valuable remnants. These remnants have been soaking in water, resting, recovering,...

Remnants of Beauty PT.1

Beautiful isn’t it? Do you know what this is? Yes, it is plants beautifully on display, but it’s more than that. This is the remnant of a storm. A hard violent storm. We had hard rains come through...

Covering the Healing Process

I was having some much needed "catch up" time with a friend at dinner tonight. The conversation led to a recap of some very hard life circumstances she had experienced in 2019. There wasn't a lot of...

I seem to learn best through life experiences. Hopefully others experiences if they are willing to share, but definitely if not, then my own. In my blog I share real life experiences and lessons. It is meant to make you stronger, to encourage you, and let you know you’re not alone. Subscribe to my blog and let’s do life together. 



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