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10.You Carry Weight

NO! I don’t mean in your butt or thighs! Don’t forget I am a woman, I know what you were thinking! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that God made us, made you, made me to be able to carry so much. See he made Eve(women) to help Adam, but seriously have you ever looked up the word helpmate? It’s everything you do everything plus….open ended.

money-mom-multitask-300x219Now please hear me, I am not saying we have do EVERYTHING as a matter of fact it’s not our role to so everything! However, we do have the ability to multi juggle and mult-multi-multi task. We were made that way and that is a great thing! We can laugh and cry at the same time! We can talk on the phone, feed a baby and all the while plan dinner!

We  the ability to carry the burdens of our loved ones, meet the needs of others, and still carry on and function in daily life. You may feel like you are carrying the weight of the world, your family, and your life all at the same time to the point you can’t move forward or function…and maybe you are. So, let me help a sista out so you can keep moving forward!

Matt. 11:30 yoke easyYou see, a yoke was made for work animals. Do you feel like an animal being worked to death ?!? Yeah, me to, some days! Here the Father is telling us to rest through our work and let Him pull all the weight! Trade all the things that YOU have loaded yourself up with, life has loaded you down with, and the world has strapped you down with and trade it for HIS plans and ideas! See He will carry you through life and desires to. Some things we were meant to carry and juggle, many really, but some we have chosen to carry because we don’t trust anyone else to do it. It’s the whole; If I don’t do it, it won’t get done mindset. That’s great when your viewing laundry, but not so great at life as a whole.

going nowhereYou weren’t made to carry the world, you were made to worship HIM and let Him carry you through this world and all that comes with it. You were made to help lift the burdens with others, off others, not place them on yourself and carry them alone. So, I love that you and I can handle so much!! Let’s just make sure what we are handling isn’t handling us!