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7. You Love

crayWomen have the ornate ability to love like no other! We will go to great lengths to show our love also! To the point we get a little CRAY! CRAY! Sometimes! Just saying! Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Let someone say something bad about your child or hurt them and see if that protective momma love doesn’t show up and show off!

We can also love deeply and tolerate a huge amount of…um…STUFF…. See, I thought that through and edited, you read between the dots!

I remember my “first love” and how deeply I loved him. How I gave him my heart, mind (my thoughts were always about him, for him) and body. There was nothing I would not have done for him. Regardless of the imbalance, heartbreak, hurt, or dysfunction…I still loved him and wanted to be with him always. The hurt and wounds from that relationship were life changing and devastating for me, as I am sure it has been for most women. Healing from that relationship was one of the longest and hardest things I’ve ever done, and many paid the price for it including my husband.

love-godSo, we HAVE the ability to love deeply and intensely, regardless of our circumstances or surroundings. The question is are we pointing that love in the right direction? I have learned through my love battles that the greatest and safest person to love that deeply and intensely is not a person at all, it’s my God. If I will make HIM my FIRST love and love him with all my heart, mind, and body I will never have to deal with he pain and heartbreak I did with my physical first love.

He will never let me down, abuse me, or lead me into danger. He will walk along side me no matter where I go, holding my hand to lead me(if I let Him) and simply just love me. All women really want is to feel is accepted and loved, and He is the only one you will ever truly feel that with and through.

SO, I LOVE that we can love to intensely and fervently! Let’s just make our CRAY CRAY and FIRST LOVE HIM!

By the way…cray cray