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I was at a leadership meeting tonight when all of a sudden out of NO WHERE, it hit me, I like women! Now don’t get weird on me, I’m not coming out of the closet or anything, I just remembered that for so many years I didn’t! I didn’t like them, I sure didn’t love them, and I didn’t really want anything to do with them. Yet now I did?!

I have experienced so much hurt in life from women (like most I am sure), and I know I have undoubtedly done the same to them, therefore, making it a merry go round of the hurt hurting the hurt. It kind of took me by surprise that I was welling up in tears during this non emotional business meeting, and I wasn’t even quite sure why?! I did finally realize that I have somehow turned into this woman I hardly recognize! A woman liking, friend making, hug loving person! NOT that it is bad just a personal epiphany. Seriously, If any of you have known me for any prior length of time you heard me say on more then one occasion, I don’t like women, Also for me to tell you I loved you was a MAJOR fete. And a hug? Forget it! You have 2.5sec then it’s awkward! But as I sat there, the thought of the woman I have been, the woman I was, and now where I am heading just seemed to overwhelm me. I realized that right now, at that moment I loved women and wanted to see the same healing in them that I received. Know the same joy, peace, love, and kindness I have known.

So, to honor ALL those ladies out there young and old I want to share with you the 10 things I love about you! Seriously! I know it’s kinda cheesy but hey I’ve never been in the normal boat so it’s ok.