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5. You support

friendshipbraI bet you didn’t see that one was coming huh? A good friend is like a good bra…they always support you! lol Yeah I know it’s cheesy but it’s true…although sometimes good bras, pinch and poke and cause spillage..soo never mind!
Supporting means to hold up, give assistance to, or enable. I love that you and I do those things even when we aren’t intentionally doing them! We hold “down” the fort, when really we are holding it up and together. We assist husbands with tasks, children in LIFE, and friends in any way we can.

We also are made to enable others to succeed. I always seem to find myself always wanting and “helping” my kids try to make better life choices then I did. I had a great mother who instilled great wisdom and values in me, but only gave me what she knew. Now as a mom, I realize what she did give me was awesome; however, there was a LOT she didn’t’ impart in me because she didn’t know how.oscars-go-on And well, what you don’t know, you don’t know! And you can’t teach what you don’t know. I am realizing that I want to enable my children with more then what I had. Even though what I was taught was good, don’t we always want better for our kids? Therefore, I am going to help enable and support them in making good decision and life choice. Now mind you my children are now adolescent adults(15,19,21) but that starts when they a younger.
So I LOVE that our supporting roles are truly the ladies’ leading role! So SHINE in your leading role as a supporter! And this is another thing that I LOVE about you!