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6. You Nurture

eating youngNuturing….nurturing…I’ll be honest I’m not even sure if I knew what that was when I had kids! Everyone nurtures (cares for and encourages growth and development…in case you needed the definition like I did to make sure I knew what I thought I might know) whether you realize it or not! And we all do it differently. Some mothers hug and cuddle, some hold them in their arms and carry them , and <strong>others eat their young!</strong> kidding! Well kinda!

We all have the ability to nurture, we were made that way. However, <strong>HOW </strong>we nurture determines HOW our young ones grow into adults. Some moms over nurture and as a result they have dependent, adult babies who can’t function healthily on their own. On the other end some people “nurture” by, well, eating their young! Being so selfish they only do for themselves not taking into account how what they do or say or how will affect their offspring.

poster_love_is_patient_flowersSo now if your like me, your accessing your parenting skills and reviewing all the good and bad things you’ve done or not done! Did I give to much? Did I not give enough? Did I hug to much and not discipline enough? Was to harsh? None of us are perfect, we will make mistakes. Accept it now it’s gonna happen and it’s OK!!! The key is to know when that happens and correct it. We have a great guideline for parenting. The WORD! Now I have heard a 1000x’s over…spare the rod and spoil the child verse for parenting, or train up a child in the way he should go and he will not flee from it…but what is THAT way?! <strong>I propose a new and solid…detailed verse (ok maybe mini chapter!) for bringing up the young and moldable into adulthood!</strong><em></em>

<strong> 1 Corinthians 13</strong>You say you love them, now prove it! Don’t just talk the talk…walk the walk!

Now that we the answer on HOW to do it, let’s nurture! Remember, you carry weight, have influence, love, and now know how to nurture in a way that will feed and grow healthy loving adults!

<strong>I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, that you nurture and cause growth and development in others!</strong>