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8.You produce…give birth to things

pregnant-cartoonWe all know that we were made to “help” reproduce. But let’s get real WE carry it, WE feed it, WE grow it, It takes a toll on OUR body, then WE birth it! I’m not sure if we are helping reproduce or if the man is helping considering the work delegation on that!Yet we wouldn’t have it any other way! Because after ALL that we get to hold it, nurture it, love it, and help mold it into what we want it to be. Noticed I used the word “it’? Of course in all this you assume I am only talking about babies but ‘IT” means so much more!! You see we (women) also give birth to and reproduce attitudes, behaviors, relationships, and so much more. After you have that sweet little baby and all the “fun” begins YOU are reproducing in him/her what attitude you want them to have. How do you want them to speak to others, treat others, and think of others? So, I hear you, I hear youWait! it’s not just me it’s the husband to! He yells, and is angry. He talks down to me and to them, He thinks everyone is competing with him to be the boss!” Yes, Your man does also reproduce things in your children BUT LUCKILY you have influence over him!! 😉 So, use it! If your children, teens, or adolescent adults are acting the way you do not want them to, you may want to take a look at yourself to see what you have produced in them.

If you are angry at your parents or others…then they will be angry with you and others.

If you are bitter at a spouse that has wronged you…then they will be bitter at their mate(whether they deserve it or not). If you hold a grudge and are easily offended by people…guess what you children will be.

fruits-of-the-spirit-rocksIntentional words of love produce intentional actions of love and continue to reproduce. Isn’t that what we really want? is to reproduce good things in our lives? In our children? and grandchildren? So, I LOVE that you and I not only get the honor of birthing our babies into this world, but that we also have the ability to produce the good things WE choose to impart into them. With that we also have the power remove the things we don’t want them to reproduce. Don’t you love that?