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underwaterI was little, so young I am not sure my age. I remember being under the water and looking around. Not scared but also not being able to breath. Suddenly I remember sucking water and oxygen through my teeth. I was as though I was only taking in the oxygen and the water just dissipated. I was breathing underwater! Cool! I took deep breathes under the water and oxygen filled my lungs. Then I was quickly pulled up from the beautiful depths of the water. The motion was quick and harsh so I knew there had to be some urgency to it. I wasn’t afraid or scared however they were.  As a matter of fact I wanted to go back. For the longest time I thought I could breath under water ALL the time. I quickly realized I could not. This incident happened to me as a very young child while my family was visiting relatives in Alabama. We were all at the waterfall swimming and I fell and went under and no one could find me. Or so I was told later when I asked about the memory.

On day 5 Elise challenged us to look at the miracles that God has done in our lives. This was my first that I can recall. There have been MANY since then, but I remember this one clearly, even though I am unsure of my age. My life has been a miracle! but there are very specific instances that I can point out. So, as Elise asked…let’s praise HIm for all He has done.

psalm_77When I was a teen He shielded me in a life threatening motorcycle wreck. He saved my child from me aborting him. He gave me the most amazing husband ever(above and beyond my wishes). He has protected me NUMEROUS times when life threatening events have come up and shielded us. He has moved the legal system to expedite things to His timing(and you know how slow they can be). He has healed a woman that I had the privilege to pray for of severe ovarian cysts that she was going to have to have surgically removed(but didn’t have to because well, she was healed!). He has done SO MANY things. His miracles are alive and working today you just have to look for them.

Can you see where God has worked on your behalf in your life? Where He has saved you from death or harm? Where He is prevented something to happen or cause an event to come about to help you? or to protect you? If not ask God to show you when and where His hand has touched your life. Where He has intervened and saved you. Shielded you from harm. He is faithful and true and will show you, if you ask and believe.