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LegacyI had a friend who is an AMAZING blogger (Elise Hurd and the Giving Place…you should read and follow her!). She had her young daughter post a question to her, “What if you die? What then?” This caused her to go on a personal journey of thinking, what legacy to I want to leave for my children if I only had 1 month to live? She then challenged others to do the same. Hence, I am taking the 31 day Legacy journey. What IF I only had 31 days to live? What do I want others to know about me? What do I want my children to learn from me? from my life? My journey? What if?

legacy 1If a legacy is not given then it cannot be received by others. It is a two way street. If I as a mother, elder, experienced woman do not share my life journey and experiences with the up and coming generations, then they do not even have the opportunity to choose whether to listen, take in or reject it.

I was on a plane between cities thinking, what stories do I want to share over the next 31 days? and really it hit me, it’s really not stories as much as it is, life truths. What things in life do I want the ones I love to hear, know, and learn from my life? I made a list. It needs to be refined, but I am sure that will come over the next weeks.

legacy 2I do not want to NOT leave a legacy; to be so consumed with my life and ongoings that I don’t take the time to share those valuable things with others. I do not want to NOT leave a little of the wisdom I have gained, whether through learning or from just plain out experiencing the struggle and hardship of learning it the hard way. I want to spur forth good things for future generations, not make them figure it out on thier own!

What a waste of time, breathe, and space! Having to go through the same battles and struggles that could be prevented if someone had just told you?!? and if you had just listened? So I am doing this for all those who want to jump ahead and learn, not from hard experiences, but from other’s experiences. I choose to open up and share so that your road may be a little easier to travel then mine was. Your truths will be different then mine and you can add to this legacy for your future generation that is to come.

So check out and read my 31 days to Legacy!