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liesYour not wantedNo one will ever like youNo one will ever except youYour uglyyour fatyour stupidyour disposableyou can’t….you need to be in control to protect yourselfhurt them before they hurt youyou are only as good as you lookyou own your sexuality by doing whatever you want with your bodysex will draw them inperformance will keep themuse what you gotshow yourself in the best light even if it’s not trueyou can’t do it allyou must do it allyou will never make ityour no good enough….not educated enoughnot trained enough….your wasting your timeno one will ever listen to you

These are just a few of the lies on top of lies that the enemy, others, and I have told myself. I could go on and on but then it would be nothing but a big ole’ lie fest! For the longest time I didn’t know what the truth was. I was so warped and wrapped up in lies that Truth was an undefinable concept. John-17-17-webI always told people what is true for you may not necessarily be truth for me. In some aspects this is correct. However, I came to realize that I needed….correction I still need someone…something that is an infallible unchangeable truth to gauge truth from. That is my God. His words are unchanging…and always true. 

We all have lies that circle around in our head like the ones above…the only way to quiet these lies is to confront them with truth. The Bible, His Word, is always relevant, accurate, and tangible source to draw from in find the infallible unchanging truth.

If you have some of these life lies torturing your mind and soul then rise up in His word to see what the truth is about you. God’s truth will always triumph over satan’s lies. So as we talk truth, what does the Word say about you? Do you know? He talks about you all the time in there! Did you know that? He says you are beautiful, that you are strong in Him. He says so much and gives us so many insights as to how to live truth out.