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buttercup-1Driving 2 hours to pick up this precious little puppy was the most arguing I had done in while. While on the phone with the breeder my heart began to break, yet I didn’t know why. We set up the meeting time and place, then said our goodbye. As soon as I hung up I heard the Holy Spirit say, I want you to pray for her. Cool! I can do that! So I did that night. Lindsey and I got into the car and started our long journey and I hear again, I want you to pray for her. In my head I said, I did. Nope in person…pray for her. THIS time I heard myself say out loud, “Really?!? Your kidding right?! What am I suppose to pray with her about?! She doesn’t even know me!” 

anxiousThe breeder had texted me a few times on the way out stating that she may not make it due to her anxiety. She struggled with severe anxiety and took a large amount of medicine simply to cope. She was having a harder then usual time and texted that she may just send her husband and daughter. Well part of me thought…Oh now I know what I’m to pray with her over. The other part of me thought, maybe she won’t show and I won’t have to pray for a total stranger, 2 hours away, in a Walgreens parking lot!! You guessed it though, she came after all. She said there was something in my voice that just made her want to meet me. HMM I think He’s called the Holy Spirit!

After randomly speaking out loud…maybe yelling a little bit. I had to explain to Lindsey what my “really” (with much attitude) was all about. Needless to say she thought it was rather humorous as I was debating with God if I was going to do it or not (because I guess she already knew who was going to win). We arrived to the designated location, met the lady, and saw Buttercup. Paid for her, chit chatted a little bit , and then said our goodbyes. prayingAs I turned to leave Lindsey just looked at me to see what I was going to do. I got half away across the parking lot and stopped dead, “CRAAAAAAP!” I made an immediate about face and walked to the ladies car door. I asked her if she minded if I prayed with her. A little taken aback and shocked, she happily said yes.

Don’t ask me what I prayed, I don’t know. I am sure whatever the Holy Spirit brought to my mind. All I know is when I hugged her at the end, she left in tears and a sense of relief. I left knowing I had been obedient. So, why am I telling you this? Day 23 of Elise’s blog is what words of LIFE has God spoken to you? There are way to many for me to write, but it did make me think about the words of life He speaks to me for others. Praying for them and releasing life to them through my words in prayer. What if I didn’t obey? What if I was afraid?

I have had a lot of lessons to learn, a lot of things to grow through and into. However, the one thing that I keep as my motto, from the beginning to the end, as simple as it may seem is…my sheepAll I have to do is listen and obey. That simple. If I listen to Him and do as He asks then He will be happy with me. People complicate things so much in the church world. Rules, regulations, proper, not proper. Simply listen and obey. As simple as it sounds, obeying isn’t alway easy. Most of the time it makes no sense, you don’t understand, and you defiantly can’t worry about what others think. I mean I could have EASILY talked myself out of praying for the lady and trust me I almost did during that 2 hour ride! Yet, I knew what He had asked me to. I don’t fully know what it meant to her or did for her if anything at all. I don’t understand it or the reason for it, however I don’t need to. I simply have to obey His voice.

fearSo while thinking of what words of life God has spoken to you, think of some He may have spoken to you for others. Did you tell them? Pray with them? Did you do as He asked? If so what was the results? If not what was your fear? Satan will use fear in any area of your life you allow him to, to stop your growth and obedience to God.