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The yelling, the screaming, the arguing, the silence, the tension. The overabundence of words, the lack of words said. Uneasiness, work, life, church, responsibilities, business, family, kids…the DRAMA! All these things can lead to and be chaos. A feeling of life insanity that we can barely control and navigate through daily. peace2Things that come our way that we must deal with either in a healthy way or not. Like it or not they are a part of life. One of the last things I feel is necessary to leave in this journey is peace. HOW do you go about having peace in the midst of life’s chaos?! Somethings you can control but others you cannot. How do you still have a peaceful life?


peaceFirst, where can we get peace when everything around us is in turmoil? Ephesians 1:2 NIV
Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. That is our source, especially when our heart, our heads, and our insides are in an uproar. We NEED an outside source to supply us with PEACE. Having a relationship with Christ and Him in us brings us the source of peace. However we must activate that with the knowledge and faith that He is all we need. We have to ALLOW Him to be all we need. See the PEACE that He brings to the inside of us overrides the chaos that is happening all around us. 


peace be stillThe phrase that Jesus spoke to the winds and storms in Mark 4:39. Peace, be still. Jesus activated peace into the situation, by telling everything around it to be still so that peace could reign and take over. Sometimes we need to simply stop what we are doing, thinking, and speaking and sayPeace, be still. Everything in me, be still and allow peace to overtake my situation, my heart, my mind and my spirit. PEACE….be still.

In a relationship with Christ we automatically have access to an inner peace that isn’t understandable by others that don’t have that relationship. But only IF we are still and allow it to reign over our lives. peace1You have to want to stop the inner chaos…make yourself be still long enough to know that He is God and that peace can reign inside of you. Jesus can and will calm your life storms, if you allow Him to. So, today, I challenge you, in the midst of the raging storm you are facing and think you may not make it out of. Be brave, stand in faith and activate those words! PEace, be still. Watch peace arise in your insides as you are still and know that He is God. The God of peace inside you.