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After love, I believe trusting is the next hardest, yet most important thing to have in your life. I have always heard you have to earn trust. I beg to argue that. Trust has to be given before it can be earned. If you don’t initially give a confidence or believe someone will do what they say, then you have already set them up to not follow through. Do you trust God? Like really? I thought I did ,but soon realized my need for control over everything in my life showed I truly didn’t.


*to have trust or confidence in; rely or depend on. *to believe.
*to expect confidently; hope *to commit or consign with trust or confidence.
*to permit to remain or go somewhere or to do something without fear of consequences
*to invest with a trust; entrust with something.
*to give credit to (a person) for goods, services, etc., supplied

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-461" src="https://dorothystrouhal.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/trust_in_the_lord-31924-300×111.jpg" alt="trust_in_the_lord-31924" width="300" height="111" srcset="http://dorothystrouhal vente viagra.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/trust_in_the_lord-31924-300×111.jpg 300w, https://dorothystrouhal.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/trust_in_the_lord-31924-600×222.jpg 600w, https://dorothystrouhal.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/trust_in_the_lord-31924.jpg 850w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” />I can now look back and see WHEN I trusted in the Lord (intentionally) and He came through every time. In the midst of it all it was hard for me to see, I didn’t realize that the desperate cry for help was truly a desperate cry of trust also but He never fails. Do you trust God with the important things before you have wrecked them to pieces? I mean we always seem to come running back to God after we have wrecked our lives, our marriages, and our families! Well, at least I did! Instead of trusting Him BEFORE I wrecked it all to pieces! Let me give a personal example.

preganantI was looking for unconditional love and acceptance(in all the wrong ways of course). I thought I had found it, but I soon found myself 18, single and pregnant. I had a few suitors “in line” or “on a standby” would probably be a better way to describe it, but I knew I had REALLY messed things up this time. I figured it couldn’t get much worse so I may may be time to ask God to fix it NOW! I had 4 men lined up that I was dating, none of which was the father of my child. I told God, “I know I’ve screwed this up! You saved my child (that’s another miraculous story in itself) now you pick my husband. I’m so confused, I just want a good Father for my baby and someone that will love me and my kids. I’m ready to be married and have a family! Make the ones you don’t want me to marry go away, and make it CLEAR because you know I’m stupid and don’t get things easily ( you tell how much I loved myself at that point in my life by that statement, huh?)

D&JStrategically, the men in line started CLEARLY falling away and leaving. CLEARLY! The last man standing was my wonderful God given husband of now 21 years! I’m not saying that our marriage has been perfect. Far from it! But God knew the kind of man Jimmie was. He knew I would need this kind of man to love me, stick with me, and help balance me. God knew what I needed form the beginning even when I didn’t. Jimmie is SO much MORE then what I asked for! God gave above and beyond my desperate wants and gave me an amazing man that is irreplaceable! I CHOSE to trust Him in my husband making decision. Was it desperate, yes! Could/Should I have done it sooner, YES! However, even in my sinful, broken, and fallen state as a child He always proves faithful in bringing what is best for His children when they ask.

trust1So, now I ask Do you TRULY trust God in your life? With your relationships? Children? Work? Ministry? When you truly trust God with something you won’t stress over it because you know He will handle it.

Take the time to reflect on the first time YOU CHOSE to trust God and see how He came through for you in that time? Did it look like what you thought it would? have you given Him glory for all of it?