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marriageShe had broken his heart. She had broken his trust. She had been in a longterm intimate relationship with another man, other than him. She lied, hid, withdrew, and fell. Their marriage was not bad, but it was not enough of her, so she looked elsewhere. He was devastated, hurt, and angry. Once the infidelity had come to light, she realized what she really had done, and what truly was at stake. How all she was trying to do was meet her own selfish needs and desires, at the cost of his heart, and others.

trust 4Once they decided to fight together to try and save this dangling relationship that was hanging by a thin tattered thread, the realness began. They went to therapy together, she went alone. She began to see things through his eyes. The betrayal, looking him straight in the eye and lying to him was so easy to do. She could make the lie become real, she was that good. That ugly truth set a new path of honesty and openness in her that would never be forgotten or strayed from. Her life became an open book to him…to the world, to help and rebuild the trust she had shattered.

trust6Her phone open to view at any time, her accountability high, but his trust still broken. She was working on her, they were working on them, but he still could not trust her. Until one day, 6months later, she looked at him and said, ” I know I don’t deserve it, but you have to choose to trust me, or this won’t work.” She realized if she lied… it was over. If she hid ANYTHING…it was over. If she looked anywhere else for comfort, love, or companionship other then in him….it was over. IT was not only her marriage but her family, and her life as she knew it. It was already broken and destroyed…it was being rebuilt one look and talk at a time. Nothing she was going to do now was going to jeopordize this, but he had to trust her again. 

trust 5He chose to believe she would not hurt him that way again. He relied on her actions to show that she was truly repentant this time. He committed to work at this relationship because he knew what was at stake. He chose to invest his heart again with her. In all of these things, he chose to trust her. All the definitions above are that of trust. But he chose it, when it was not earned, but she proved to him that she was worth fully trusting again each time she showed his trust worthy of with her actions. 

She is me, he is Jimmie. We have made it.

Trusting in people isn’t easy, it is a choice we make. When all looks like it’s dead, you have to choose to believe the best. SO, choose to trust. Choose to trust God and then choose to trust others. You may say, “I’ve trusted and they have hurt me!” Yes, I know, we have all done that. That’s when you trust God to lead you wisely in your decision, and He will never misguide you. Trust.