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lieMost of us lie to ourselves, then we lie to others about who we are. IT’s a way of coping. We feel less then good about who we are, or the actions and achievements we have done or not done, so we feel we must embellish them to sound better and impress others. I have done this before, and if you are honest with yourself, so have you. 

True honesty within yourself is taking a good hard look at the good, the bad, and the ugly; assessing the attributes you like in yourself and then having the courage change the others. Now I started this honesty process when I was younger. I caught myself lying “lightly” (if you can even do that) to make myself appear better in things I had done; achievements, experiences, things of that nature. I soon found, it didn’t make me look better it simply made me a liar.

lie3When my infidelities came to light, I then had to take a good hard look at how honest I was living. See saying something is one thing, but LIVING it is an entirely different ball game! if your ENTIRE life was filmed without your knowledge and displayed for ALL to see (spouse, children, parents, public) would you be living an honest open life? Or would you be hiding some deep dark secrets? Ones that are there purely for your own self gratification? THIS is living HONEST a life. A life WIDE open, on display for all see! Mess ups and all! Every decision you make, you are making with no regrets if everyone finds out. THIS was the honest life I began to walk out.

Today, honesty in my life looks different. It’s more refined. I choose to take a good hard look at what I say, what I do, and how I am responding to things. I ask myself routinely, “Is this truly who I am? and who I want to be?”  You see we can cover up the ugly responses with excuses. We can say we were just upset and that’s why we said this, or did that. We can even ignore our actions and pretend we never did it, in hopes it will go away, but the results of them don’t viagra a la pharmacie.  No matter how hard you wish they would. lie 2So, today, IF I AM BEING honest with myself, I am taking a good hard look at ALL I say, do, and sometime don’t say or do to see….does this glorify my God? Does this speak of who I truly am? of who I am achieving to be? or am I attempting to put on a fake facade ro make excuses for bad behavior? Can I improve in this are? and am I really trying to? This is being honest with the most important person, yourself. Don’t lie to yourself about who you are, what you are, and what you are not. You can’t change what you are not honest about. If you can no longer tell the truth of yourself from the lies that you have told yourself, check out His word…it always brings the Truth to light.