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honsetyWe’ve talked about Love, Trust, and Honesty within ourselves. Now Honesty with others. I would want my kids to know that true honesty is gentle and cherished. 

Anyone that knows me will tell you, if you want an honest opinion ask Dorothy because I would be BRUTALLY honest with you! For all the years I had lied, I swung the pendulum in the polar opposite direction.
honesty1I became very honest in all I did. I also, became rude. I had a very HONEST man tell me one time, “What you consider blunt and honest others just consider rude!” OUCH! That hurt! You bet it did. He was a man I looked up to and valued his opinion. As a matter of fact it sent me away on tears.  Was he angry? NO! Had I said something “too honest” to him? NO! It was in no shape or form a type of retaliation to anything. He was telling me this, to help me grow and improve. I could not see it, and it took that same “honesty” I had with others to be used on me before I could change. Talk about an eye opener and game changer for me.

So, in this life lesson I say, be honest…but deliver it in love. Deliver it with gentleness, kindness, and compassion. You don’t have to be harsh to be honest. You don’t have to “sugar coat it” or “soften it up”. cow_in_high_heels-12074You simply have to share it in such a way that the honest truth comes forth and will build a relationship and not break it down. Encourage growth and progression not hurt and withdrawal. Learning HOW to deliver things honestly and gently was like dressing a cow in heels. It’s not impossible but it’s pretty funny to watch! and pretty hard to walk out! Ask me how I know! MOOOO! However, this old mare, she ain’t what she used to be! lol and Im learning everyday to walk this walk more and more gracefully!