Come on in and get to know me a little bit!

I am an open book, no-frills-but-way-glam, straight-forward kind of girl!

I try not to beat around the bush too much. It just confuses me!

I have had a lifelong passion for hair and makeup and the creativity that comes with it. Yes, I was the girl in high school who dumped all her personal makeup out and used it on EVERYONE! If you were darker than me, no problem! A little eyeshadow will change that pigment right up!

This God-given passion fueled me to open my own studio, Your Makeup Expert, in 2005. However, before my career as a professional makeup artist, I was a wife and stay-at-home mother to three awesome children, and I also helped my parents run a preschool.

Meet Dorothy -

I made the choice early on (18, to be precise) that I was going to be a mom and wife first.

Once I chose to be a mom, I felt the conviction to give my children as much of myself as I could in their early lives. I wanted to help mold them in these critical years, and I must say, I believe I made the right decision because they have all turned out pretty well. When my youngest daughter started school, I began my career.

I fully believe that by choosing my position as a mom and wife first, my career was honored and blessed by God.
He quickly expedited my career to the top.

Meet Dorothy Strouhal and her family

I am now in the process of loving three adult children well through life’s ups and downs. I am so proud of the young adults they have become and the wise life choices they make. Don’t tell them, but I’m kind of looking forward to the grandma years!

I have been married to the same awesome man for over 25 years! WOO-HOO!

I wish I could say it has always been a fairytale, but there were days it was a nightmare and other days a fantasy. We have grown up together, endured together, and fought for the wonderful relationship we now have.

Marriage isn’t easy.

It takes work, compromise, and change from both parties, but it is definitely worth it! If anyone ever tells you that you can’t overcome your marital challenges (including verbal abuse, emotional manipulation, infidelity, and more), we are living proof you can.

Dorothy and Jimmie -
Dorothy Strouhal Makeup Expert with Dr. Oz


A little over a year after entering “the industry,” I started my own studio: YourMakeupExpert, which is now a go-to for celebrities as well as elite brides in Houston, Texas. I have had the privilege to work with national celebrities like Dr. Oz, Conan O’Brien, Clay Walker, and countless others. I have also worked with local socialite brides such as Dominique Sachse. (By the way, yes! She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, if you’re wondering.)

I truly believe that beauty starts on the inside and is merely enhanced on the outside.

Worst Cooks in America - Dorothy Strouhal with Anne Burrell


I made a weird, yet divinely appointed, television debut on the Food Network hit show, Worst Cooks in America (season 3). Mind you, I didn’t even know the Food Network existed, so you can imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a national show and not some 3rd-grade cable show that only aired at 4 a.m.! I could see that God had clearly opened this door of adventure for me. I told God I would go if He left the door open… and boy, did He! Not only did He open it, but He held it wide open even when I was being a little bit of a diva. (I know that’s hard to imagine!)

So I went… and I learned a LOT… about cooking and about the basics in life! Now, I share about both in speaking engagements with anyone interested in Vanilla Fried Chicken! - Leading the Fight Against Trafficking

When I came back from New York, I was hit with the reality of a very dark subject: human trafficking. God instilled in me at that time a drive and passion for change that helped fuel the start of Beauty Will Rise, a non-profit organization fighting against human trafficking in Houston. As founder and president, I am committed to doing all I can and to follow however the Lord leads me to shine a light on this epidemic and help restore what has been lost.

As I enter the next stage of my life, I am fully committed to following God’s lead, wherever it may take me. God gave me my dreams, and now it’s time for me to give Him His dreams for me: writing, speaking, ministering, and helping to empower women back to a place of health. Emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health is the key to a full and joyful life. I love speaking and encouraging others on things that can be… um… well, challenging, like:

  • How to be the largest influence in your child/youth’s life
  • Growing a marriage for a lifetime
  • The basics, Worst Cooks Style
  • Being your own kind of beautiful, inside and out

I am not here for me, but for Him. Jesus is the reason I do all that I do, for His glory and His alone (even if it includes national humiliation on TV!).