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imageHave you ever had those days that you spent the entire day fighting with someone you love? Discussing issues and decision, sharing feelings and disappointments, and just flat out being afraid of the choices they are making?! I have. I actually did just recently and let me tell you, as usual it got us no where but hurt and upset. Now here me, I’m not saying don’t communicate your feeling or discuss issues. I’m simply bringing you a food for thought BEFORE you do.

There are so many people we have relationships with and care about that are adults with their own free will. Whether it be friends, parents, our children, or extended family, we can influence their decision, not make it for them. I mean, it would be easier of we could make it for them…but we can’t. When you are seeing the ones you love make decision that you know are either dangerous or unhealthy it scares you. Usually because you have been there and done that, and know what the consequences to those actions are. What if they don’t hear you? or want to listen to you? or worse you are the source of their rebellion? I mean I had a child that if I said the sky was blue she would say, ” Actually it’s white with clouds and blue just peeking out. Not even really peeking out, it’s barely visible behind all those clouds.  So really , mom, the sky is white today.” Her perception of things and mine were very different , to say the least. So for her to “hear” any advice I had usually backfired like bad fireworks!

forgot to pray
I found myself the other day attempting to talk to my husband about things that were happening and issues I felt we were having due to just how hard life has been in this last season. I wanted to openly communicate so we could quickly and easily regain the ground I felt we had lost. Which in theory isn’t a bad thing, except I forgot one vital part. Prayer. You may be thinking, prayer? what’s that got to do with it? EVERYTHING!! You see, the things I was talking to him about were things we have already walked through and overcome, yet it felt like we had regressed, gone backwards a bit. Well, here was my mistake. I ended up fighting WITH him over it, instead of FOR him in it.

When you have come out of something, overcome an issue, or grown out of certain behaviors you have authority over it. It can try to come back and take back over. I mean the enemy has every right to try and take back the ground he had in your life before. He has every right to try and distract you by getting your eye off of Jesus and onto the circumstances and issues round you. The enemy wants to come in and try to kill your marriage, steal your relationships with your children, and destroy your family!! He so can and WILL….if you allow him to.

warAnd this my friend is where righteous anger and momma bear claws come out! This was what I forgot. I forgot to go to my prayer closet and take authority over then things that so slyly was trying to creep back in to try and take over. I forgot to plead the blood of Christ over the unintentional hurts and wound I had received and given. I forgot to use the Word to remind the enemy that he has no place in my marriage, my childrens’ lives, or my family. I forgot to FIGHT for them instead of with them. Not again. Not again will the enemy be allowed to cause discord in my home and relationships. He doesn’t get to define my children with circumstantial evidence because the FACT is they are redeemed and cover in the blood, highly favored, and God fearing, loving children of the most high!

Oh friends, I could go on and on but I will take that to my prayer room for war! Don’t allow the enemy to reek fear and havoc in your life, your family, or relationships. Take the Word and use it in authority FOR your life and loved ones. Stop allowing the enemy to manipulate you into fighting the wrong battles. Fight FOR your loved in your closet, that’s the greatest power you hold for change. Boxing gloves on…my eyes set on my Jesus…and my words to Him and not them. Fighting FOR them.