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Have you ever just needed a reminder of who you are? What you are made of? I mean, life is hard and can snow-blind you with craziness at times. Ok maybe that’s just me. I am finding myself needing to go back to the basics and remind myself exactly what lies in me. What has grown? What has the potential to grow? What can change me, and others? I know it’s there. I’ve searched it out and found some of the basic internal traits that ALL women have, but sometimes I need to be reminded where my beauty and strength lies and what that TRULY looks like! So, join me in going back to the basics. Simple postings, to simply remind us and inspire us of the best we can be, from the inside out.

lynda-carter-in-the-original-wonder-woman-costumeWhat we are made of ?! I know it’s mainly water, for all you analytical scientists out there, LOL! But what bone strength, infused DNA do I have in me that will help me carry all that life brings my way? Here are a few things I know. I know you and I, and every woman out there, were made with the ability to do 3 things. Protect, support, and bring forthSo, for the next few posts we will talk those three things. Being a protector and what that means, a supporter, and a life producer.

Wonder woman! Protector of all humanity…okay well maybe not in that red cape and star panty kinda way, but we do have the ability to protect. But protect what? Ourselves? Our kids? Our families? And AGAINST what? Does this mean opening a can of whoop on anyone that hurts our babies? No. That’s usually our response AFTER something hurtful happens. The purpose is to prevent and help protect as much as we can before it happens. Now, I know that we can’t always prevent it but we can be the ones NOT inducing it, and we can do some prevention.

wwI have found one of the most important things I can protect and cover is the heart. When the heart is damaged it effects everything and everyone around it. We can protect the hearts and emotions of those around us by using words that are uplifting, kind, gentle, and peace producing. Just like wonder woman we can hep deflect and protect by standing and using what we have. Wonder woman rarely said anything when she stood in front of those she was protecting, she simply stood and reflected the attack away from getting to them. Prayer does that. Prayer prevents and reflects an attack, but only if someone is willing to stand and raise their arms up to do it. We are protectors.

Protecting others by what we say(or don’t say) is our responsibility in not to hurting the heart.

Protection in how we pray is our ability and strength to prevent it.