The truth piece to Peace

I woke up this morning with this phrase ringing in my head, “If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive” Ya’ll I’ve SAID THIS! I’ve liked the post, shared it to my stories … I’ve cheered this phrase on! But is it Biblical? I mean it sounds good, but is grounded in Truth? So, I did a little digging around. What is Peace exactly? I’m not going to unpack all of what I found but if you wanna dig deep into a teaching on Peace here’s the link to... read more

Nourishment of Fresh Friendships

I have heard countless sermons on bread and the spiritual representation of it. SOOO many! And they were all good! So just letting you know, this is not that. This photo represent the gift of new connections and friendships that we all need. I know what you’re thinking I don’t need any new of those. Way too much trouble! I’m good! I hear ya! But is there something you could be missing? Fresh bread is AHHHMAZZING! The comforting smell makes you feel like you are at home, and the taste... read more

My friend or foe? Religion

You know some say that religion is tough task master, a hard teacher, or an unfulfilling agenda maker. To those people I say, I can see why you would run far far away from it! lol But that has not been my experience. Religion has been friendly and fun to me! Ok, I feel all your judging eyes, just let me explain. For those of us who like to check off “to do” boxes, are task oriented, and love to creatively produce new things, religion can be a fabulous companion.... read more

Perfection vs. Process

Subscribe I made a post on IG about this awesome little Adrien Arpel dress. It was a cute dress and I thought, “Let’s do a little marketing!” Boy, did I get a response! A great one! From so many people. People loving the dress, loving how I looked in it. So much love. But my friends, this picture was the illusion of perfection. The media version of what people love and want to see. This is the photo that is visually “in balance” and attracts others to say, “Wow, I want... read more

Remnants of Beauty – Roots – PT. 2

After a few weeks of In my last blog post I talked about the damage a storm can do, and how we can walk away with valuable remnants. These remnants have been soaking in water, resting, recovering, and growing. Growing new roots isn’t always fun. It requires stillness. It requires gentleness. It requires careful handling. Each of these remnants were set in an optimal nurturing, feeding environment to recover and grow. Some made it, some did not. Each remnant that made it, had to be handled with care during this... read more

Remnants of Beauty PT.1

Beautiful isn’t it? Do you know what this is? Yes, it is plants beautifully on display, but it’s more than that. This is the remnant of a storm. A hard violent storm. We had hard rains come through the other night. Harder then I expected when I put my back porch plants out to get fresh rain water. Well, they got more then we bargained for. They were pounded, beaten up, and put through the ringer you could say. As I looked at the “destruction” my plants took from the storm... read more

Covering the Healing Process

I was having some much needed “catch up” time with a friend at dinner tonight. The conversation led to a recap of some very hard life circumstances she had experienced in 2019. There wasn’t a lot of details or “hashing it out”, just simply acknowledging it again. Later that evening after we parted ways she sent me a text. It stated, “I wept after I got in my car. Holy Spirit showed me I’m not “over it”. It was unhealed, unattended, and somewhat unacknowledged. I’m hurting bad tonight.” My heart... read more

Pain changes everything

At the end of 2019, I took the month of December off for a personal sabbatical. I knew the Lord had some things He wanted to teach and talk to me about. I was also having a major surgery and wanted to leave space for the recovery and healing. Little did I know, that the pain in my recovery would be how He would speak to me. Let me be honest, I have learned (or so I thought) how to relax when the Lord wants to do something new. And... read more

Come out of hiding … you’re safe here with me.

I just finished writing about when I lost my virginity at 13 in my book. I must say I wasn’t quite prepared for the response my heart gave me. This isn’t the first time I have looked back on it. The Lord and I have had many talks about it. I’ve even had conversations about it with a handful of people. But to have it sitting in front of me, in black and white, and to read it; well, it was sobering. I closed my laptop with a heavy pain... read more

Help! I’m Falling??

Here I am sitting on my back porch, drinking my coffee, playing my worship music, and trying to start my day off right with the Lord. That’s what I’m supposed to do, right? Yet, all I can think about is how useless and unproductive I feel. Don’t get me wrong — I fight these thoughts and feelings, but man, they are relentless. I’ve been fighting them for months now. I’m sitting in the middle of a transition: leaving one love (my career as I have known it) to pursue… well,... read more