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I have heard countless sermons on bread and the spiritual representation of it. SOOO many! And they were all good! So just letting you know, this is not that.

This photo represent the gift of new connections and friendships that we all need. I know what you’re thinking I don’t need any new of those. Way too much trouble! I’m good! I hear ya! But is there something you could be missing?

Fresh bread is AHHHMAZZING! The comforting smell makes you feel like you are at home, and the taste of fresh bread, well it’s hard NOT to wipe out a loaf in a day! Add some butter and oh my! We have something special! Fresh homemade bread takes time, patience, and energy to make. Someone has worked tediously to prepare for you to enjoy the deliciousness of that loaf.

Here recently I went to a Christian speakers and authors retreat. I knew 2 people. The one who submitted my name for invite and a ministry friend. I’m not gonna lie, I almost passed it up. The thought of spending a whole weekend with women i don’t know just “hanging out”? EHHHHHH.

Our generous host (who is an accomplished full time women’s speaker) Tammy Whitehurst took the time, energy, and effort to host about 12 women for a weekend of unwinding, refilling, and friendship opportunities. All of her efforts could be seen. Her hospitality could be smelled a mile away, BUT it was up to us if we decided to engage and participate in the weekend. It was also our choice how much we chose to take in. See where I am going here? No? Ok I’ll keep going.

In life you will have friends and connections that last a life time and some that will be seasonal. What if you miss an important connection or friendship because you weren’t open to accepting new adventures? Are you shutting down the taste of new friendships before they come? Simply because you deem them “unnecessary”? What if they were made just for you to nourish your soul? and taste oh so good in your life?

What if you were meant to be the baker of such opportunities? Are you willing to be patient and prepare for others what has been once prepared for you? This takes time, intentionality, energy and some skills but the payoff … worth it!

My gracious host sent me home with this FAKE…yes I said FAKE loaf of bread. I was in awe of how real it looked and felt! I could almost smell and taste it and it was soft just like real bread. When I see it, it reminds me of how much I needed my life nourished in so many different ways and didn’t even know it. I need the fresh words, new connections and fun friendships. I needed a taste the new flavor of what is to come. So, don’t back away from something different and new, it may be the savory fresh loaf of life you need that day!