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I was having some much needed “catch up” time with a friend at dinner tonight. The conversation led to a recap of some very hard life circumstances she had experienced in 2019. There wasn’t a lot of details or “hashing it out”, just simply acknowledging it again. Later that evening after we parted ways she sent me a text. It stated, “I wept after I got in my car. Holy Spirit showed me I’m not “over it”. It was unhealed, unattended, and somewhat unacknowledged. I’m hurting bad tonight.” My heart hurt for her because I understood, oh so well, this pain. I knew I could only be a soft place for her to share because it wasn’t my job to heal. It was between her and the Healer to heal.

Several hours later I was praying for her when Holy Spirit showed me this picture and started to speak. I don’t know that it was directly relating to my friend and her circumstance but I do know it was a powerful word and lesson for me.

What happens when you cover a wound? That’s caring for it right? You clean it, put ointment on it and cover it so it can heal. The clean bandage is meant to protect it and keep it from getting infected. Right?

However, what happens if you don’t remove that bandage? Never change it or “let it breathe”? Never clean the wound again? There’s a chance it may heal but there is a greater chance that the covering that was once a healthy protection will become the feeding ground for infection to grow.

A wound covering is meant to be temporary. It’s meant to protect the hopefully healing hurt until the next round of cleaning, ointment application, and new covering is applied. Leaving an old covering thinking it’s a “one and done” treatment is dangerous. Tending to a wound without removing the bandage or addressing the wounds area again can cause it to fester and become more painful than before. Just one a little touch to it can cause more pain then the initial wound did!

How many times have done this in our spirit and emotions? Someone has hurt us and we “worked it out” then covered it up to let it heal; yet, we never uncover it again to readdress it. Then we wonder why it hurts anytime anyone even touches on that subject. Ever had had the mention of someone name make you internally recoil, internally shutter, or want to withdraw? If so there may still be a wound there.

We have to be intentional in consistantly caring for our wounds until they are completely healed. Covering wound is not bad, it’s a part of a good healing process. But in the healing process this sometimes means we must uncover it several times to view the ugly painful things, then gently washing it with truth and love, and cover it once again for further healing to take place. Until it no longer needs covering, is fully healed, and is painless to the touch.

Allow your heart and spirit to heal because you don’t want them untouchable due to old pains that haven’t healed.