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braIt’s funny, when I think of support I think of a great bra. Must be the industry I am in. A great bra can make all the difference in the world on how you carry yourself and how things look. It can also help prevent back pain, bad posture, and the appearance of gravity taking over. It supports. It doesn’t change the things inside of it, but it does change how things are seen. We can do that!

As women, we can support others. We can lift them up, hold them firm, and help cut back on some of the pain that being drug down by life can cause. We can’t prevent life from happening, but we can come in and help support through it. UGH! What happens when a bra pinches and digs? is to tight? You want that thing OFF!! We should support, not suffocate and make uncomfortable. At times, we can’t cling so tightly to those that we love that they can’t breath or move the way they should. This is when we become a hazard instead of a helper.

bra3Finding the right bra is a process. You have to find the right length around, the right cup size, material, etc. It can be frustrating and daunting. If you just grab the first one off the shelf without knowing what to look for you could wind up with double boobage and nobody needs that!

Some people are so uniquely made that they must have a custom bra made for them. We are the same way. Some of us are much more effective for the general public, some of us custom for those special people that need a little more support. We must know who we are, how we support, so we can do what we were made to do. Being a supporter isn’t a 2nd class role, it’s a vital need that we all have. What kind of a supporter are you? Are you adjustable to the needs of others? or Are you specifically made for a certain type? Are you made to handle the fast movers and shakers? or do you simply add to and uplift those that need some extra enhancement?

To be a supporter is to be an uplifter. Lift them up to the ONE that can keep them up. Prayer is the faucet that holds the entire support process together. Without a hook to secure a bra it simply flops. Without prayer to secure our support….it simply well I’m thinking you got the hint.

Prayer works.