A few weeks ago a tragic event happened in Galveston Bay — a shrimp boat capsized.

This shook us hard and woke us all up because it happened to a close friend of my daughters and prominent family in our small community of Mont Belvieu. After asking permission I am reposting, Sabrina Galloway’s (who by the way is 19 and an extremely talented writer!) blog encompassing the truth of the event from her perspective.

not-fear-thumb It is real, it is raw, and it is life changing! Nothing will be added or edited for her account and her words say enough!

Read on for a real life, being hidden-from-the-shadow-of-death, event. If you have a teen, have them read this! As a teen I never thought these kind of things could happen to me. Death was not a reality and I would always have “time”. Sabrina also talked about her bout with depression, thoughts of suicide, and how she came to realize where her heart and grounding lies. When you are face to face at such a young age, it is life changing! Not only for you and those around you, but for those you share it with. This is a series blog… so keep reading.

Sabrina, thank you for sharing and allowing us into you heart, mind, and life! So, here goes!


I’m sure you have heard the story by now. May it be from a friend, a family member, an article, and soon, channel 13 news story. And if you haven’t, you are reading this to find out the story. Well here it goes.

Ten days ago, I was floating with my salvation. I know it sounds a little quirky. And probably a little too into context. But on Monday, August 18, 2014, I was floating in the bottom of a 36 ton shrimp boat, with nothing but my God, His son, and my own salvation.

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