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As most of you know I run a non profit called Beauty Will Rise, We were promoting a community wide education event that we have coming up this weekend at a friend of ours church. As we were listening to the evening’s study given, this word and scripture just seemed to blow up inside of me and reminded me of where I have come from. I remember this place all to well, even though it was years ago, the remnants of the miracle will never fully fade away. The Holy Spirit just began to freshly remind me of the true extent of what He has done and what He wants to do for all those that feel like they are losing life.

what-have-i-been-asking-for-18-638Mark 5: 25-34 25 And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years, 26 And had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse,

I was that woman. I had an issue. 

You see the woman mentioned in this verse, had in “issue”. An issue that was draining her of her life source. Blood is THE life source to our body. It is what gives life to things, heals things, and gives energy to the body to do what it needs to do. If you have ever had a low blood count or been anemic, you know what I mean.
life issuesThis “issue” was literally killing her from the inside out and she knew it. Her life source was being lost out of her, every moment of every day. Life was not flowing like it should be. Her heart wasn’t getting what it needed. Her mind wasn’t getting the life it needed to work as it should. Her feet weren’t getting the life source it needed, therefore she was weak and weary. Her reproductive organs weren’t getting life as they should and so she was unable to produced little, if any. This “issue” had drained her entire being FOR YEARS, and was killing her. 

And it’s not like she didn’t try! She tried to understand WHAT was draining her. She spent ALL she had! Time, effort, and money trying to diagnose the problem to make it stop! She wanted it to stop, she needed it to stop, before it killed her. How many of us are like that? I know I was. I knew my life was dying. I knew my mind was in a constant state of chaos and confusion. I knew my heart was hurt and weak. My walk everyday was exhausting and a struggle. My life was hemorrhaging, yet I didn’t know why. I didn’t know what was causing or how to fix it! Good news. Neither did she.

I had tried church and doing all that I was suppose to do. I tried being the good wife and mother. I tried filling my heart with what I had hoped would make me feel full. I tried distractions, time filling activities, and outside help to try and remedy this inside turmoil that was killing me.

Yet, none of it work. Here is where desperation will make you do desperate things. Could it really be as easy as touching His garment? After looking, searching, researching, spending all she had finically, could simply be as easy as pushing through? Pushing through the things and people that were in her way keeping  her from Jesus and her healing answer? It was her last resort.It was HER decision to make, no matter what anyone said. She was so tired of her life being taken from her that going after Jesus was her last resort or the “issue” would kill her and she knew it.

I am so thankfully reminded that I don’t NEED to know what’s draining my heart. I don’t need to know what is confusing or tormenting my mind. I don’t need to understand what my “issue” is that causing me to lose my Life-Source. All I need to know is WHO can heal my Life source. She knew that He could make her whole, if she could just touch a remnant of Him. Do you know that? If you can just get with Him and touch Him in worship, in prayer, in relationship, you can then exchange your hemorrhaging life source…that feeds you heart, your mind, your body, and soul…. for His healing life source that makes you whole. rev 21