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keep it simpleThe power of 3 is revealed. We ARE life producers. We ARE protectors. We ARE supporters. That right there is so huge you could read 100 books on each subject! But let’s be real, I need it simple. I need it simplified so that I can become the woman I was created to be. You can’t run before you walk, and you can’t walk before you crawl. So this is crawling… making sure we have the VITAL and simple basics down before we walk and run.

423883_279842955415534_1525705634_nAs most of you know I was on the TV show called “Worst Cooks in America” (season 3 for any interested in watching it). I didn’t know why God had opened this door but I knew He had, so I was determined to walk through it. It hands down was one the hardest yet most beneficial things I have ever done. I learned so much! What I discovered about myself and my cooking was…I had never learned the basics! I had never learned the fundamentals of cooking in the kitchen which made everything a big ole’ mess!…thus I gave up on cooking all together. I truly went in as a worst cook…and really I was ok with it. I was comfortable in my failure and had resigned to my limitations, but He was not. God was going to show me how He would take my greatest failures and weaknesses and turn them into one of my strongest for His Glory. 

Through life I tried to be the “perfect wife”, ‘great mom”, and “godly woman”. I failed over and over miserably at all three. Over and over again, it just made me give up. I was a pretty good mom, an ok wife, and not so good godly woman. After worst cooks and learning how important the basics in life are…I began to apply the crawling basics I found in the Bible about how to be the woman He created me to be. If I learned anything from that show it’s that you can’t skip the fundamentals! You MUST know and practice the basics. I have practiced what I have learned from the show and even developed it into becoming a pretty good cook. I’m by no means a “TOP CHEF” but I can hold my own. And my family will testify that the food is MUCH better and they now theylove it when I cook.

Our l life is that way, We have to first learn how to protect, support, and produce the things we want and value in our life. If we want to become a Proverbs 31 kind of woman…these are the fundamental basics we must start with. Once you learn to crawl you can then walk. Walking out these fundamentals becomes the groundwork for running the race as a Proverbs 31 women.