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You know some say that religion is tough task master, a hard teacher, or an unfulfilling agenda maker. To those people I say, I can see why you would run far far away from it! lol But that has not been my experience. Religion has been friendly and fun to me! Ok, I feel all your judging eyes, just let me explain.

For those of us who like to check off “to do” boxes, are task oriented, and love to creatively produce new things, religion can be a fabulous companion. I am an enneagram 8. If you don’t know what that means, it means I like to shoot straight, fight hard fights and get things done! So, for me religion is even more dangerous as a friend than as a task master. For those personality types that love intensity, fast paced situations and making things happen, be cautious because religion can come along side of you and not feel wrong or hard but oh so right! Doing the right things, saying the right things and giving the right things.

When I start looking at all things I could do, I can hear that tiny voice saying, “Do as much as you can do, you don’t have time to waste!”. And while technically that is correct, I don’t have time to waste, what if what looked like a waste of time was not wasted at all? See for me, religion will keep me busy writing blogs (lol), volunteering here and there, doing tasks for the kingdom, and a whole list of time fulfilling things that are good! Not only would this fill my mind, time and energy with good things but it would also fulfill my soul. How is this bad you may ask? Well for some it may not be but for those like me, it can be detrimental.

What you do is not the issue. Why you do it is. If I am doing all the good and “upright” things above to fulfill something inside of me, to bring a feeling of worth where there is lack, or to simply busy myself so I am not “wasting time”; then my heart ❤️ posture is set towards religion and not relationship.

💓 It’s the relationship with Christ that shows up in my everyday doing not my everyday doing that makes my relationship with Christ. 💓

So, as much as religion can be a hard task master it can also be a false fulfillment bearer to others. It can distract from the One we are to focus on by bringing us good things to do for Him. It’s a sneaky little line that weaves in throughout our Christian walk. A fine line that is personal in introspective for each person. For some, religion looks like a Samaritan viewing the Pharisee … for others … a Pharisee viewing the Samaritan.

Regardless of which side you are on, one things remains the same. Christ came for you. He wants you. He covets your time, your heart, and your love towards Him. So today take a moment, take a breath and ask yourself, where am I? Am I in relationship or in religion? It’s an easy shift from one to another because the line is so subtle, and our hearts yearn to love and be loved. Being loved well by Christ only comes through relationship and that is how we love others well. Religion will never love others well only serve them well.