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Elise Hurd

Elise Hurd

Elise opens her daily life up to help encourage, that you can make it through.
From Elise: I will use every dark shadow that comes my way as further evidence of the loving, death-destroying, all-powerful Light.Where there’s a shadow, there’s a light.
God’s first recorded words burn in my soul and my aim is to live this: “Let. there. be. light.”
This blog is slices of a private journey made public because God keeps encouraging me “Share anything good that I give you. Life is too brief to withhold.”“The Giving Place” is in His presence. It’s where I want to live. The best gift of being in His presence is that we reflect more of Him — the Giver. Then we have the ability to share what we’ve received and in turn give good gifts to others. The Giving Place. Receive to reflect and become a mini Giving Place. I know no greater joy


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August 24, 2017