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After a few weeks of

In my last blog post I talked about the damage a storm can do, and how we can walk away with valuable remnants. These remnants have been soaking in water, resting, recovering, and growing.

Growing new roots isn’t always fun.

It requires stillness.

It requires gentleness.

It requires careful handling.

Each of these remnants were set in an optimal nurturing, feeding environment to recover and grow. Some made it, some did not.

Each remnant that made it, had to be handled with care during this vulnerable state. When the water became stagnant and needed changing, gentleness was key because of it’s vulnerable state. Washing the new baby roots from the natural “ick” that formed on it, was a necessary task that took intentionality and careful handling.

Maybe that’s you today? Maybe you have been through some hard relationship storms and had some things break. Maybe you are picking up pieces and trying to make something beautiful from the remnants of what felt like a violent disconnect.

Remember having still, quiet recovery and gentle handling during this vulnerable state is important. No, it’s Imperative.

Maybe you have a friend that is in this situation? Open, vulnerable and in need some change. Be gentle, be kind, and handle them with care and compassions because this is what allows new baby roots of growth to stay healthy and remain growing.

These roots aren’t always “pretty” Sometimes the remnants, well, are a little jacked up looking to others. But does it really matter how it looks to others? Roots are meant to feed the living, strengthen the plant, and find the nutrients where it can. They aren’t meant to be on display or to be seen by others. Even though this time, they are.

Know that just because you are wide open, vulnerable, and maybe your “jacked up” underlying is on display for others to see, does not mean it’s not vital to you, producing life in you, and strengthening you towards something new and beautiful. Growth and recovery may not always be pretty. It is how healthy the roots are that matters, not how pretty they look.

Look past the old crooked path and embrace the new, fresh, life that is growing in you.

I will end this post in saying, this little plant, for me, represents a relationship storm I went through.

Beautiful full portions of me were violently knocked by a storm that came through. Some of those things survived, some did not.

What vulnerable parts that did survive, I was careful to nurture, feed, and grow.

Was it always pretty? No.

Where there “jacked up” parts of me that I would have rather had others not see? Absolutely.

Was I vulnerable? Need gentle care and handling? Yes, and I was intentional to handle my new growing baby roots with care.

Now, I have a beautiful gift with stronger portions of me to give out. Portions that may still be a little rough around the edges, still need some gentle nurturing, and still be “rooting” in healthy soil but also that has healthy roots for good growth, deep strength, and a beautiful display of life. 

This vulnerable, strong, life-giving beauty came from a destructive violent storm, that with a little bit of nurturing, kindness, and recovery eventually turned into a beautiful, strong display of love. 

My friend, if I can recover with beautiful remnants, so can you. Gentle, vulnerable, empathy is what our souls need to grow new roots of life and love. Be Kind. Be Gentle. and Grow on.