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Beautiful isn’t it? Do you know what this is? 
Yes, it is plants beautifully on display, but it’s more than that.

This is the remnant of a storm. A hard violent storm.

We had hard rains come through the other night. Harder then I expected when I put my back porch plants out to get fresh rain water.

Well, they got more then we bargained for. They were pounded, beaten up, and put through the ringer you could say.

As I looked at the “destruction” my plants took from the storm I realized that they may have taken a beating but all was not lost.

Maybe you feel like you’ve been put through the ringer, been pounded on by a storm that you didn’t ask for.

Maybe you were simply cozy, comfortable, flourishing where you were and suddenly you were placed in the middle of destruction. 

Good news my friend, you survived. You may be battered, feel like you lost some good things but those things that were “lost” will produce again. MORE.

Just like my plant maybe it feels like only remnants are left lying all around you. Those beautiful things are not lost, they can be retrieved, nurtured, and grown. They can be a gift to others, they can be a beautiful new creation that goes just beyond you. 

Don’t simply look at your storm as a beating, look at it as a breaking away and multiplication of good things.

Don’t look at the loss of what lies all around you, look at what it can be for others. 

Surviving a storm means you are strong, my friend. Take an account of the remnants around you and see what can you do with it.