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Bare with me through this first part…I promise you it will help you see things in a differently light in the end. I woke up this morning with Matthew 5:25 swirling in my head, the location that is, not the scripture(I had to look it up).“Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still together on the way, or your adversary may hand you over to the judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison.

I thought Ok Lord what are you trying to show me, knowing that He had already told me to address some things and bring peace and unity to situations in my family. Then I began to do my morning reading in Mark chapt 4&5. I read where he delivered the demon possessed man from a legion of demons and into swine. I remember highlighting Mark 5:10….the demons asked to NOT be sent out of the territory. I thought ….ok? why?

Then a friend sent over the link to share….yes, ALL of this starting this morning mind you…she didn’t know what I was hearing or reading this morning. If you get a chance listen to it…it will bless you.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uqXLbhX6g8U Also, I only got through the first 30 min. before I stopped to write this.

So, what do all these “random” things have to do with one another? Matthew 5:25, Mark 5: 10, and TD Jakes video? First off NOTHING is “random”. When the Father is trying to lead and guide you into a certain direction, you have to perk up and listen to ALL He is bringing your way.

I have for a day or so felt the need to apologize to a person that, to be honest, I have NO desire to apologize to. I did not feel as though I did anything wrong. However, the scriptures right before Matthew 5:25, verses 23&24 says…matt 5-23

It doesn’t say if I have a grievance or if I did anything “wrong” but IF THEY have something against me that I am to go to them and reconcile! THEM not me… The holy spirit has been showing me that even though I did the best I could at the time..that it may have still hurt the person. I know it did. The entire situation was painful for all involved. Even though my intentions and actions were prayerful and I was trying, I still could have possibly handled the situation better. I see now looking back, how this is true. What I couldn’t see in the midst of it all, He is showing me now.

My question to the Father was why apologize? I did the best at the time that I knew to do? I prayed about things and handled well(or so I thought). It was a tricky and complex situation…I was upright and honest before God and man! I didn’t viciously or intentionally hurt them. However, the family has felt the consequences of the entire situation… there has been division and discord since then. It may or may not have been avoidable, I do not know. But I do know that I had a part to play in what is now…a lack of peace, division, and mistrust. So, how do I remedy that? I how to I regain the territory in my family of peace, unity, and faith in one another?

eph 6-12I attack not a person that i feel may be causing the “issues” (whether that be me or someone else). I wage war in the spirit…I can talk ALL day long about who did what, who was right, who was wrong. Who played what role and reason it ALL out; dividing the pie of guilt and responsibility up among all those involved. We would all have a piece or two but still the fact remains…we have allowed the enemy to creep in. I allowed him to creep in. He has been able to kill relationships, steal our peace, and attempt to destroy my family. So, what am I going to do about it? Call a family meeting? No. Call a counselor? No. Now I’m not saying those aren’t needed at times and that we should bypass them, but FIRST i’m going to war in the spiritual places to regain my territory. My family, our peace, and bring unity to a divided situation.

How? Start slinging oil..rebuking things and wail in tongues? Uh NO! The Holy Spirit has much more efficient and effective ways of doing things.

I’m going to start slinging rocks. When David went after Goliath to defeat the giant and gain victory…he didn’t do hand to hand combat. He didn’t sling oil, he slung rocks! Sounds crazy…but we all know the story…it worked. Quickly and efficiently. So, here is my question…What stones are you going to throw at the giant in your life to regain your ground? David strategically CHOSE his rocks! They weren’t random…they were smooth, refined, intentionally picked rocks to be used for a purpose! To defeat the enemy.rocks

So today I am going to strategically aiming and releasing peace into a situation. I am throwing in faith, believing that the Holy spirit will lead these weapons of warfare to land directly where they need to land to defeat the enemy. I am CHOOSING to allow LOVE to override my pride. I am doing intentional spiritual warfare, with one word, one stone, and one action at a time. Strategically set up and implemented to dismantel the enemy and regain the territory he stole. For I wrestle against no man, and no weapon formed against me will stand. For Love covers all. Now I ask again….what stones are you going to throw, to regain the territory the enemy has stolen?