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9. You have influence

influence defYou see most of of don’t think what do or don’t do influences anyone or anything. Whether they speak or not, it doesn’t matter because no one listens to me! OH! Contrare Mi Chica!

If you will remember in Gen 2. Eve turned to Adam and handed him the fruit to eat, and he did. She DID something that caused him to act in such a way, maybe not a good way, but in a way…<strong>that is influence.

We were made to have influence with our husbands and the decisions that he makes, in how he feels, in how he perceives himself and in his successes. We influence our children, in how they feel, perceive themselves, and how they feel about situations and others. We also , carry weight with each other(women).

influenceMost women simply want to feel accepted when normally all they get is rejection from other women…who are looking for acceptance…….who have also been rejected …. pharmacie internet viagra.so they reject other women…….because they were hurt when they were looking for acceptance….see the vicious cycle here?

You carry influence with every action you do, with every word you speak, to every person you encounter, whether you want to or not.

THIS is one thing I love about YOU and ME! We have the potential power to influence EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! So, please allow the Holy Spirit to influence your influence on others! with care!