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I grew up in church. For me it was what you did every Sunday, a part of my lifestyle. If you were a Christian you went to church, right? Well I have far since learned that not all Christian go to church, and not all those that go to church are Christians. If you are a little confused by that, here is a little clarification on what I meanly Christian.

ChurchChurch (the building that you go to every now and again, or perhaps a few times a week) is nothing more then a place we gather together. I, as I am sure most of you who have been in church any length of time, have been hurt by people that go to church. The main reason people stop going to church, fall away, or have hang ups with church is because they have been hurt there. Well, let me dispel the myth and be real about church. Yes, you will get hurt and be hurt by those you go to church with! It will just happen. 

You see, church has been warped into this view of, “this is where all the good people go” or the “holy people” gather. That’s why people think that church goers are two faced because of their actions in church vs. their action outside of are contrasting. Let me share with you what I have learned about church as an adult, it has helped me immensely in overcoming wounds, preconceived illusions, and unrealistic expectations.

supportChurch is nothing more then a support meeting! Kinda like you would have in AA or in rehab. You see all the people that go to church are JACKED UP! or at least have been at one point! Church is not where the perfect people are because there are none of those. Church is where you come to try and gain some hope and tools to stop a lifestyle that is destructive and deadly. However, you can be given the tools and steps(a great sermon or teaching) but if you don’t choose to apply it and walk it out daily, guess what?! You’ll fall right back into doing what you did before! Know any alcoholics that went to AA meetings and when they got done went home and drank? Well….enough said.

helpand supportThere are only two types of people at church. The first are those who are hurting and wounded;needing support, guidance, and encouragement so that they can recover and live a full whole happy life.  The second are those who have recovered from some of the life wounds, still needing support, guidance, and encouragement but now are able to help others. There are multi faucet stages in between those two groups that the majority of us fall into, but really that’s the reality. So if you can grasp the concept that hurting people, hurt people, then you can better understand why it happens there. I am by no means excusing and saying it’s ok, Im simply trying to help bring a better understanding. We are ALL in a process in recovering from sin. All of our walks are different, just as all of our recovery steps will be. The fundamentals and tools are the same, Christ and the Word but because we are all uniques in our own way, so it our walk through recovery.

Now the question is then, WHY go to church?!?! Well, if you don’t have a radical intervention from sin, it will KILL YOU. Just as alcohol and drugs will, so will sin..except it’s eternal. Church is the rehab center to recover from sin, but you still have to do the work. Christ intervened at the cross, he paid the price so you could have a recovery. However, you have to CHOOSE to want it, CHOOSE to walk, and CHOOSE to apply it to your daily walk, not just attend a Sunday meeting. The teachings, the tools, and the support should be at the meetings, you just have to use em.

So, I hope now this will encourage you to know, that church is necessary just AA meetings are for an addict. The people in church are just as jacked as you, they are hurting and recovering also. So it’s ok. Just remember, just as you have have needed much forgiveness and grace from God and others, you are now required to give it.