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Beautiful isn’t it? It is. But I have to tell you this beautiful set up is right smack dab in the middle of a WHOLE HOT MESS! 

This last weekends my husband and I celebrated our 30 year anniversary. YAY! but man it was an uphill fight to get there. 

There were plans talked about months in advance .. those plans that feel through.

Disappointments .. Disappointments worked through.

More plans talked about .. arguments .. plans made .. plans cancelled. 

New plans made and completed. YAY! but not that happen until November. And all of this was the week before our anniversary. 

So, I couldn’t let the ACTUAL day go by without something meaningful and special happening.

Our new house build is still under construction so we couldn’t have the big party to celebrate as we initially wanted. But I still wanted to celebrate. So in the middle of all the construction we created a beautiful little brunch spot. Beautiful linens, china set out, catered food, flowers .. the works! But it would be in our hot mess of house and in the midst of construction.

Can I tell you, it was the sweetest moments we have shared. 

Some of the sweetest moments in life are in the middle of your hot mess. All around us was the remnants of what we are trying to build and it’s messy, dusty, and unsightly. But in the midst of it all we decided to create a beautiful moment to focus on.


Your life circumstances may be a WHOLE HOT MESS. Everything around you broken, laying around and needing to be cleaned up. BUT you have a choice to create and focus on beautiful moments if you so choose to. 

Does it take effort? Yes

Does it take time? Yes

Does it take resources? Yes

Do it take others? Yes

I could not have created this moment without the help of others. I had to reach out and ask. I asked a friend to cater. I asked another to help set up. I ask my dad to drop off the table and chairs. I EVEN ask our home builder to send a text summoning us to the house to “get approval” on something. It intentionality and it took others! So don’t do it it alone. Ask others to come along side you and help as you need.

Ya’ll life can be excruciatingly HARD. You have to construct beautiful moments in the middle of all that hard so that you can remember what really matters. All the mess will be there when you’re done AND so will those beautiful moments. So choose what you are going to focus on. 

My challenge to you today is, how can you construct beauty in the middle of your messy?