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Being a makeup artist in the beauty industry I hear and see how much attention is given to outer physical beauty. Being in ministry, I hear a lot about the same but from a completely different side and perspective. So, I’m here as a beauty expert to give my weigh-in on both sides and hopefully bridge the gap a bit.

In our society pretty is praised. Probably a little too much if we are all honest. The thing about being pretty is you have no control over that. It is a physical attribute that you were given or not. Yes, I know, we can enhance it, bring it out, or even surgically create a little more of it, but for the most part you either are born with it or your not. When did we allow our society define us? We’ll, it’s not a new thing. Let’s just be real, not everyone can be pretty, the Bible even notes those that were physically attractive and those that weren’t. I dare to state: pretty is a passive state. It doesn’t last. Not only is it passive, it’s a perspective. What is praised as physically attractive in one culture may not in another.

One of the big things I see a lot of is an attack on the attractive. Don’t get me wrong, I know society and the media over praises pretty but I also see other sectors shaming it and wanting to make those that happen to be pretty feel less than. Then if you happen to be attractive and wear makeup, jewelry, or have a sense of fashion that enhances it; it’s automatically assumed you are vain or puffed up. Why do we take such a harsh emotional response to a temporary physical state that is perspective driven and only variable by a small degree?

Just like you can’t praise a person just because they are pretty, you also can’t persecute them. I have heard people flippantly say and even post on social media, “It’s a good thing you’re pretty.” Alluding to the fact that being pretty is that person’s greatest attribute and all else is lacking in comparison. The fact that a person has physical beauty doesn’t mean they are less intelligent, insightful, or humble. I see so many times people wanting pretty to be played down instead of being glorified for the Creator who made them that way.

So, my final thoughts. Do not allow society to define you if you don’t happen to be “pretty” by their perspective; it fades eventually anyway. Do not allow people to persecute you or shame you because you are, enhance it and own it.

Enhance who you are, pretty or not, but don’t cover it up because you are beautifully and wonderfully made.

Pretty is something you see and is temporal but beauty is cultivated in your character and is eternal.

Lastly, become BEAUTIFUL.