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When I was younger it was unheard of and completely taboo to ever and I do mean EVER admit or say that you were mad at God! Seriously! I grew up in church and never would a church going, God fearing “Christian” speak such heresy! angry-godAs a matter of fact, we all thought HE was MAD at us! We would read scriptures from the old testament that talked about God’s wrath on Israel and His anger towards them and just internalize that as to each and every circumstance gone wrong in our life! Car broke down. viagra generique pfizer. God’s mad at me. Come down sick….He struck me with a disease. Someone dies…wheweeee they REALLY pissed HIM off! Wonder what sin they were doing for all that to happen?!

That sounds so utterly ridiculous to me now, but it was a real mindset I had. So, let’s just talk about all that, can we? First off, God in the Old testament was angry at Israel because they came out of communion with Him, they rebelled. They kept WORSHIPPING OTHER GODS. I mean how would you feel if your mate kept having other women or men? and then chose the most intimate time, sacred time…or heck all their time with them. Not trying to hide it, but publicly flaunted it? And then still expected you to comfort, protect and give them all the privileges you had been giving them before?! Would YOU be angry? Nuff said! 

However when Christ came and died He remedied that! He opened the pathway for constant communion with God. No, longer do we have to jump through the hoops of a blood sacrifice, or have a priest do it for us. Christ has given us open access because He loves us so much! Does God still get mad? Yes, but not at us! He gets mad at the sin that draws us away from Him because He only long for us to be with Him. 

whySo, why are YOU mad at God? You may …gasp! Im not! I would NEVER do such a thing! Well, you may never SAY such a thing but I promise you, you have done it! You see when we cannot control the things that are happening around us, when we have hurts pains, life circumstances that we do not understand, we tend to get angry. If we aren’t directly blaming a physical person we are usually blaming God, whether we admit it or not! When we can’t find the source of the pain or frustration physically, we will internally. Can I let you off the hook?…it’s normal and it’s ok. Seriously it is. 

Don’t tell me you haven’t ever thought, “God why is this happening?!”… “God, take this away!”…”What did I do to deserve this?”…”What did that innocent child do to deserve that?!”… ” Why are all these things happening?” You see, in our normal human nature, when we can’t understand or change what’s happening we deflect it elsewhere. When we feel helpless and have no power in the situation, yet we know God does have the power to change it, we become angry. We may have never said it, we may have pushed it down and “just gotten over it”, or maybe at some point we have? It’s ok. He’s not afraid or intimidated by your anger. He already knows it’s there! He sees and feels your frustration so why not just admit it and tell Him?!
It’s ok to admit you have been angry with God, even if you haven’t realized it before. You just can’t stay angry at Him. Being in a relationship with Him requires you to talk to Him about how you feel. You can be angry at a person and them have done nothing wrong…it’s your issue. You can be frustrated with someone because they didn’t meet YOUR expectations, that is your issue. Just like addressing it with them is also yours to do! You see confronting it is for YOU not Him! For You to be free, God’s already free. For you to draw closer to Him, He’s just waiting.

So how do we do that with God? I mean really?

god im angryGod, I’m mad that you didn’t step in here…. I’m hurt that I am having to go through this…. I’m frustrated that this promise you gave me isn’t coming to pass… Why am I STILL going through this… it could go on and on for your personal issue and circumstance. Well, that’s IS how you say it. It’s that simple, however you may want to add…Lord, forgive me for being mad at you because of….( you fill in the blank). 

We become angry when we don’t really realize that His grace is sufficient for us. All we have to do is ask for it to help us walk through our life circumstances. It’s when we don’t see the big picture plan that He has laid out or realize God’s timing in it, we get impatient and frustrated. And sometime, just sometimes, it is our own immaturities and humanity that causes some our life circumstances that we then want to blame on God. He’s ok with that, for a short while, but as soon as you realize what you are doing, it is then time to repent.

So, being angry with God is not the heresy I thought it was, it’s actually very normal, as it is in all relationships. But just like in any relationship, you must disclose it, bring it to the surface, and deal with it. Not for Himto make Him happy, but for you. You need to know He is always there, He is not angry, frustrated, or disappointed in you for being human. He made you human, He just wants to be with you…flaws and all! Now doesn’t that make you feel warm and fuzzy! ????