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If you don’t know, I am a straight forward, cut to the chase kind of person. I like things presented to me in a “no ruffles” kind on way. I have however noticed that in the church we tend to fluff things up a bit to make them a little “easier to swallow” or a little “more palatable” for the general public. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as the Biblical truths stay just that, truths. I just happen to be the kind that prefers an in your face approach. Secrets of the Secret Place by Bob Sorge writes just like that. A clear cut, no frills approach to an intimate growth with God. It is not a read for the easily offended, but for those who are willing to hear real truths and do whatever it takes to grow a more intimate relationship with God. This book is awesome.

In his book Bob gives direct, easy to read, and short ways to become closer to God. This is not a salvation issue, but a growth plan. I encourage you to look into this book. I just finished Chapt. 5 The Secret to Rapid Repentance. I know what your thinking, I repent daily! DO YOU? After you have been a Christian while you learn the “what not to do’s.”

You learn to “kill the flesh” as the church world would say. You don’t sin. No lying, stealing, fornication, pornography, hatred,drunkenness, or not tithing(yes that’s a sin). Those sins are so obvious that you don’t even need the conviction of the Holy Spirit to know your in disobedience. So your a “good Christian”, trying hard to please the Father in all you do, and don’t do. However, have you ever thought of repenting of your iniquities? Do you even know what that is? Bob, explained it the best way I have heard in this chapter.

“I’m not talking about obvious sins; I am talking about repenting of our iniquities. Iniquities are the hidden faults that we don’t see, the wicked residue of our fallen nature that discolors the fabric of our thoughts, motives, feelings, responses, and desires. Iniquities are wrapped up in much more subtle area of sinfulness, such as pride, rebellion, unbelief, envy, selfishness, ambition, and covetousness.”

OUCH! We have to learn to become a good repenter is we want to move forward in God. “If pride hinders you from repenting, get over it. You’re a wretch. You need mercy so badly, it’s scary. Wise up and master the art of repentance. Call your sin its worst possible terms. Grovel. Eat Dust.” I told this book didn’t mince words and wasn’t for the easily offended. He continues to write, “We all have hidden pockets of iniquities, and we all need God’s help to see them. You can’t repent of something you don’t see, so God will help you see them. Paul says in 2 Timothy 2:19-21, that the Christian life is founded on two powerful realities: We are known by Christ, and we depart from iniquity when we see it.”

“When we repent quickly of those thing God’s word is revealing, we experience the pleasure of the Father in a palatable way…A consistent pattern of rapid repentance will cause us to become a vessel of gold or silver, refined by the fire, useful for the Masters noble services. Those who resist repentance do not necessarily lose their salvation, it’s just they do not progress beyond a vessel of wood or clay. They are useful to the Master only for dishonorable purposes(in the great house there is a need even for a toilet plunger and dust pans.)” OUCH!

“The assurance of the above passage is clear: Rapid repentance from iniquity will cause us to progress forward to a more noble purpose in God’s great house and will deepen our knowing relationship with Him.

Enough said, Selah.