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isolation1I remember a time when I was withdrawn and separated from people, including those closest to me. I literally was unapproachable. I was hurt, had been hurt, and had NO intentions of getting hurt again! If you can’t get to me you can’t hurt me, right? OH if that were only the truth. It’s a great theory but it is also a lie.

You see, by withdrawing we are choosing to relish in the hurt and pain already inflicted. We are allowing the wound to remain open and if we are lucky it won’t fester into an infected emotional case of gangrene. However more often then not, it does fester and we do lose parts of our heart, minds and souls because we isolated ourselves from healing.

Since my M.O. was to withdraw from people, church, and even God at difficult times I had to find a way…a truth..that would help keep me connected and push through. In my reading time this morning I found just that…prov 18-1

It was interesting because as I studied the origin Greek and Hebrew meaning to the key words in this scripture, a new insight came about.

Isolates- (parad) here translates to break through, separate, be separated

….pretty much what we all thought huh

Seeks-(baqas) To search out by any method, specifically in worship or prayer. To strive after, desire, request, desire, demand. 

Desire-(ta awa)-to wish for, longing of ones heart, lust

WHOA! Hold the boat there! In essence this is saying, that those of us who choose to be separated, who break ourselves apart from God, from his body(church), and others strive, desire, and demand what our heart is longing for…our lusts. So, hear me…if your heart is hurt and broken and you separate yourself from the others and from God because of that, you are in essence seeking after the hurt that is there. You are feeding the pain with isolation which in turn will create an infection. 

Anytime you pull apart, pull away from someone or something that has hurt you or scares you,  you are requesting that it become your focus and desire. You may not realize that this is what your view of isolation for protection is doing, but it is. IN doing this, the next part of the verse solidifies that translation.

…..He breaks out against all sound judgement. When most of us see the word judgement we see it as a bad thing. If you really look into the true definition of judgement, it is so much more than that. In the context and definition of this verse I found it was nothing I thought it was.

Judgement(tushiyah) meaning to substantiate, support, direct help, sound wisdom, abiding success, 

So, if you so choose to withdraw and isolate yourself when hurt comes…and it will I promise, it’s a part of living….then you can pretty much know that you have separated yourself… hidden yourself away from… direct help and success in overcoming your circumstances. 

help a sisterI don’ know about you but Lord knows I need ALL THE HELP I can get! For real! Help a sister out here!

So what’s the lie here? That being around people will hurt us? or that isolating ourselves from them will protect us?


When life happens, hurt happens, fear creeps in, we have to be rooted in a place we can find direct help for successfully overcoming those hindrances.

The enemy would like nothing more than to hinder your abiding success in life. Self isolation is a direct tool he uses to do this. It’s not a new tactic for him just an effective one. However, by exposing his plans and his lies we can overcome…

So plug in, stay in relation with God, the word, and others to see how your wounds can heal, heart is lifted and how sound wisdom starts to flourish in your life!