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While browsing through social media, I came across a post from a friend that immediately grabbed my attention. 

She shared her present schedule for reading and studying significant women in the Bible.

The in-depth studies of the Ruth Anointing, the Esther Anointing, the Deborah Anointing,  and numerous other captivating and revolutionary women from the Bible were included. 

This got me thinking, whose anointing are you walking in? And the answer sideswiped me a little bit as it was not the name I expected it to be.

Dorothy’s. Yep, you heard right. I walk in MY anointing.

While we find it fascinating and it is wise to learn from others’ triumphs, journeys, and tribulations, we must remember that we are destined for a unique purpose. 

Why settle to strive towards living in the shadows of someone else’s life, when YOUR divine calling is right here and right now?

I believe if we could sit down and have tea with Esther, she’d probably say, ‘Hey, my story wasn’t about becoming a modern-day superhero. I was just trying to navigate the challenges of my time.’ 

And Ruth, oh Ruth, she’d be puzzled by the glorification of her anointing. She was merely persevering, one day at a time, just like you and me.

So, let’s cherish the wisdom we gain from these empowering people while embracing the truth that the Lord has anointed you and me with an unprecedented purpose for this year, this culture, and this time.

Let’s honor our own anointing rather than coveting someone else’s. It’s time to have a heartfelt conversation with the Lord and discover the extraordinary depths of our own uniqueness. 

Are you ready for that divine revelation?


Whose anointing are you walking in?