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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just need to take a deep breathe and stop for a moment. It’s amazing what slowing down and breathing in will do for you. It will relax you a bit, feed your body and mind with some much needed oxygen, and revitalize your thoughts. Your breath carries your life. You no breathe..you no live (yes I know if it’s horrible grammar but I like it.)

mouth2You are made to breathe…you are made to bring life forth in others. We all know that genetically women are made to carry life and produce babies. WHAT IF that’s not the ONLY way you have the ability to bring life forth? What if every word you said produced life? What if every time to spoke to someone those words came alive and into action? Would you be giving them life or taking it away? 

One gift we have as women is to be life producers. We can physically, emotionally, and spiritually reproduce. We physically know how it works but do we know how to emotionally and spiritually? We can say we don’t believe it can happen, but what happens to a woman when she denies she’s pregnant?? Does that make the baby NOT exist? Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, the outcome and result will still be evident in time. We will reproduce emotionally and spiritually to those around us, it is up to us WHAT we reproduce.

eggEmotional life is our emotional health. Most of us have been emotionally sick and not even known it. We have carried around hurt, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, and depression that can make us emotionally chronically suppressed. That is what we will pass on in life if we don’t choose another way. You have the ability and choice to heal and become emotionally healthy. When we choose to do that, THEN we reproduce healthy emotional living to those around you. You can’t produce what you don’t have. If you have the egg(emotions) and no sperm(healing) then you can produce nothing. When healing meets our emotions, a healthy life is produced! If our emotions meet another “sperm” aka depression, anger or fear, then something totally different and dysfunctional result is produced. What will you choose to reproduce in you?

The emotional life inside of you will fertilize with whatever you allow it meet with, and that will be what is reproduced in and through your life.